From past to present you are there for meI your xeroxed copy from your wombYoung and in awe of youNo greater role modelThe stories of your pastServed as guidance for my futureReminders of shared dreams […]


My safety is a wallAn impenetrable force standing wide and tallIt is an invisible but protective structureThat will mislead anotherinto thinking that I am open to be usedand willing to be abusedI have you fooled […]


An old poem I found while cleaning out my desk at home…. Whirling, twirling, masses of emotion masked in steelSplashing out at illusions, never were they realFeelings of betrayal so hot they start a fireWishing […]


Copyright October 5, 2007HopelessTime goes fast but I move slowTo a destination of nowherePointlessA circular motion of samenessExhaustion of movement but no finishRelentlessA constant repetition of the undesirableA battery of pain that never subsidesThoughtlessnessAll hopes […]

Group Therapy- Part One

“Billy, nobody here hates you,” Tara assured him.“Yes they do,” said the sad looking young red head.“Not true. We’re all friends in this group here.” Tara replied in a calm voice. “Who here doesn’t like […]