Songs that put me in a writing frame of mind…

If you’re the creative type then you know the power of music. It invites emotion and creativity. It can give us energy (if I hear Prodigy’s Breathe when I’m driving, I have to be careful my foot doesn’t go to0 far down on the gas pedal) or wind us down (if you’ve ever heard the acid jazz remix of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, that is the perfect summer evening chilling with a mojita song)

Therefore, it’s no surprise that music can put me in the best writing frame of mind. I tend to go for slow songs that put me in pensive mood. Nothing I can dance to really, just reflect. Here are some of favorites and why…

1) Sia- Breathe Me and I’m In Here
Sia has a very soothing voice and the instramentals are haunting

Breathe Me

I’m In Here

2) Adele
I love this gal. She is only like 21 yet her voice sounds like she’s been around a while. It was hard narrowing it down but I’ll go for a song off of her first album.

3)Amel Larrieux
I’ve been loving her voice since she was in Groove Theory (I was going to audition with her song Tell Me for honor’s choir but chose The Wiz Home instead).
This song is so mellow but if you haven’t heard of her, I encourage you to check out her other songs as well.

4)Zero 7- Destiny

I love the relaxing theme of Zero 7 songs. This is one of my favorites…

5)Nikka Costa- Push and Pull
I got her first album years ago and loved it. This is one of my favorites but her album is full of upbeat songs as well. Like A Feather is probably her most noticable one but if you’ve ever seen the Johnny Depp movie, Blow, then you know this song as well…

I have so many more songs, I’ll share some more another time but I hope you enjoy the songs above as much as I still do!

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