Yes, I Do Exercise

I know, I’m a black woman, who exercises, how did that happen? More importantly why is it that some folk are so surprised or encouraged to hear about it? Now, as you hopefully know by now, I am not a big proponent of stereotyping but the reality in most areas of our fair country is that there are far less black women getting our Jane Fonda on than are.

And it’s not because we are inhumanely healthy or are born with fast metabolisms (that’s a rare diamond deal). We just aren’t doing it. At least not enough.

Now I live in a little area where black women and Latinas are showing up at the gym in full force and most of my instructors happen to be black women. However, outside my little world I know there are far too many of us using the same excuses to avoid the gym.

You don’t want to pay the fee for a gym.

You don’t want to ruin your hair.

You’ve got too much to do.

It’s boring to workout.

Here’s my response:

Don’t pay the fee for a gym, workout at home. In an age of Netflix, Comcast on demand, fit tv, PX whatever, you can do this at home while watching Grey’s Anatomy if you like.

Hair, okay, I’d rather go around with my Rudy Huxtible hair for a few days a week and look toned than have a fabulous do’ supporting my many chins.

Like jello, there is always room for working out. I’ve seen people at the gym on bikes/treadmills/ellipticals, reading school work as they go. Cook for the week on the weekends so you don’t have to rush home to make dinner, workout in the mornings before your day gets away from you. Walk your dog, walk your kids, walk your husbands, just get out there! Where there is a will, there is a way!

As for boring, boo, there are so many types of workouts that there’s something for you. I was able to still workout when I had a broken toe and was in a walking cast for three months (I just did Pilates).

No excuses. Now go out there and prove them wrong. Sistas know how to work it and work out!

One comment

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog !

    I live in the SF Bay Area, and we are a melting pot of tons of cultures.

    I've heard all the stereotypes (or at least I thought I did), but this is one that I missed.


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