We Can Dance If We Want To

It’s Friday, I’m a single, outgoing, self appointed cosmopolitan girl (who is a bit trapped in the suburbs but that’s a tale for another day). I’m not a 21 year old but slightly older (and if anyone who knows me tells just how slightly older prepare to fear for your safety) but still likes to be out and about. And in the age of Diddy dancing, J. Lo’s legs, Halle’s hotness and Brad’s buffness, well getting older isn’t what it used to be.
And with the new “grown and sexy” crowd comes a lifestyle that wasn’t shown in your old 70s and 80s TV shows. You don’t hit a certain age and all of a sudden sport elastic waist band jeans, white tennis and turtle necks (no, you get those when you’re 3! I’m still bitter about this style insult- thanks Dad). I hated turtlenecks then and I hate them now!
Age is a state of mind and hotness comes along with it. It’s not about acting immature or wearing inappropriate clothing to seem youthful; it’s about personifying the best of you and making it look good. If you need a hint on what growing older with grace and sex appeal looks like check out my inspiration Helen Mirrin. If I look that in shape in my 60s then hit me over the head if I start complaining (okay, don’t hit me I will sue).
So you’re hot, you’re feeling energetic, what are you doing on a Friday or Saturday night, staying home and watching repeats of Sex and the City? Sometimes, yes but other times you want to get out and live like the gals in Sex and the City! If you’re in bed by 9pm on a Saturday night, one of several things has occurred: illness/injury, depression, a really good movie, a storm, some company. Otherwise you have the right to party. And if you live in a city like Washington DC, nightlife promoters are starting to see the growing need to supply a sophisticated night life to the late twenties through early 40s crowd.

Now it’s a delicate balance. You don’t want a crowd full of scantily dressed gals and baggy pants wearing boys waiting in line in the cold for 30 minutes. The grown and sexy crowd doesn’t like to wait or be surrounded by kiddies. You don’t want a place with no seats unless you pay hundreds of dollars for reservations. This isn’t Vegas and the grown and sexy crowd needs a break in between songs. You also don’t want mash-ups of 70s tunes or line/hand dancing. The grown and sexy crowd isn’t that grown; we don’t want to party with our parents! We want to see and be seen in our trendy frocks, not wait, sit down, drink martinis (or beer), eat a light bite, listen to Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West and dance to 3am (or just 11pm) if we want to! Generation Xers and Yers, this is still your time!

…Now where are these places? Stay tuned…

One comment

  1. I remember when we had the same pattern of thought back in the 60's 70's when we were looking for grown folks stuff to do. We partied so hard, til 4 0r 5 in the morning, go home, take a shower feed the kids and off to work. I danced for 5 hours straight one night, my cousin was amazed. I wanted to win the contest, lost to a guy who didn't have to go to the potty. Who had time to sleep. I was hospitilized once for sleep deprivation and fatigue. Well that cut the hanging out with “my grown and sexy” self. That lasted a hot minute, then it was on the road on our motorcycles, out on our boat with our gang of contemporaries. We were the “IN” crowd. The eighties found me, the real me who was still not getting the fulfillment I was searching so desperately for. People wanted to be us. Then I realized, I had young men and women to train and nurture better. They wore the same rubber band waisted pants and turtlenecks (girls & boys at that age). Baby that was the style back then. In fact I think you were quite charming and cute in your YSL. By the way you should take your sock doll out with you one night and let her have a big girl adventure. The rubber band pants are having a revival in the elder women's section. I have not arrived there yet (sniggle). Dance with the wind daughter you never know where it will take you.


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