I Love the Night Life

April 15, 2011

And the day time. So I’m that elusive mix of early bird and night owl (I enjoy naps in the middle of the day, thank you). Especially in the warm weather. I love to get out in the early weekend morning with the cool breeze, bright sun and quiet before the hustle and bustle. The best is going to an outdoor market or for a long walk (well not too long, walked so far once I was contemplating taking a cab back). And in summer evenings I love getting dolled up and hitting the town all Sex and the City like with my pals and sipping girlie drinks and eating light bites in the outdoor section of the restaurant (the bugs have usually gone away so I’m not having to swat them away and ruining my appetite).

So if you’ve read my previous post where does a cosmo girl with a type-A personality like to roll at night in the relatively big city? Well, I can’t do crowds so thick my hair changes textures and I start to sweat (if I wanted a workout I’d have worn my gym clothes). I have to sit, afford the drinks, like the crowd (no disrespect, violence or skankery) and like the music (I have a limit on the amount of Little Wayne and crew that I can hear). The theme for me is bar/lounge not mega club. Here are just some of my stamped with approval spots in no particular order.

Marvins – (U St corridor)- first you have to like a place named after and with a focus on the late great Marvin Gaye. I like the music – on the first floor marvin classics of course, and on the second floor in the outdoor heated rooftop and indoor lounge is 70s-90s R&B and hip-hop (any place that plays Groove Theory gets an A in my book!) The food is yummy (first time trying chicken and waffles with collard greens and it agrees with me, haha!) and the crowd is diverse (age and race) which suits me fine. I’ll go back.

Lounge of Three –(U St. Corridor)- yes, another U street spot, I just like the vibe. The drinks are potent, the bartender is cool (Jeremy’s the best) and on Sundays (my favorite day to go) they have something called Living Room Sundays. You play board games, eat suitable bar grub, rock your body to some rhythms and meet cool folk who like to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Science Club (Dupont Circle)– I LOVE the veggie burgers here and the DJ is pretty good (I’ve only been on a Thursday night). In general the mellow vibe is my thing. This is not a dance spot but a fun chill spot for pre-gaming or post gaming.

Millie and Als (Adams Morgan)- generally not a fan of Adams Morgan because parking is a pain and the metro is not really (in my humble heel wearing opinion) in walking distance but on a Thursday I find that this place is just plain fun for karaoke (I sing a mean Love is a Battlefield), the crowd is great, and the drinks are really reasonable. Can’t beat that.

Wonderland Ballroom– (Columbia Heights)- yes this is in a “transitional neighborhood” but I actually like residential areas in the city, not as congested (in theory) but still near all the action. Wonderland is a cool, eclectic spot with all types of folk who want to chill, dance, have a reasonably priced drink and not have to wear heels out (some days I want to really dance but I can’t move like Beyonce in heels so I needs my flats).

More to come in future postings so stay tuned! I’m always searching, so if you have suggestions please do share. Preferably in the DC metro area but I’m always traveling so knowing spots in your neck of the woods is great too!


  1. Oooh… Marvins sounds like my kinda place! We should get the crew together and go sometime soon. I haven't seen you guys in a while!


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