Hairstyles I Wish Would Go Away Never To Return

April 26, 2011

Admittedly this list is short but the fact I have to even post it is enough! I shouldn’t still be seeing these hairstyles but atlas they keep rearing their ugly heads! Grr

Gelled Fingerwaves- this was a popular hairstyle in the early to mid 90s (and before then in the 20s but in a much less gelled fashion) but almost twenty years later I am still seeing women rock this do. No, I refuse to believe it is making a comeback until I start seeing Rhianna, Beyonce or MJB sporting it. Till then stop it! Soft waves-yes, hard gelled waves- NO!

Jeri curl- this should never have been popular in the first place. It’s a chemical so it wasn’t healthy for the hair and you got jeri curl juice everywhere (who doesn’t remember the scene in Coming to America). I seriously can’t imagine anyone still rocking this do but the fact that the products are still sold in stores leads me to believe otherwise…
Bowl cuts- an unfortunate cut from the 70s (if you were a child). Unless you are playing the serial killer in No Country for Old Men, I don’t want to see it. I know some models were bringing it back but it’s not cute! R.I.P. darnet!

Braids with beads in them- especially if you are an adult. Knock it off. Let it stay in the 70s and 80s where it was tragically popular. And while you’re at it take bantu knots and those old school Janet Jackson braids with you. I’ve seen too many folks today wearing them. Not cure.

Fade- Why, am i seeing young guys with this hairstyle? Leave it in the 90s where it was acceptable. It’s just not flattering, spread the word! Even Steve Harvey dropped the fade (finally!) I need more time before I see this style again!
Asymmetrical cuts– lets stop this. Having a gorgeous cut on one side and some foolishness on the other side is not attractive. You do realize Pepa of Salt and Pepa who started this trend only did it after getting her hair burned off so it’s not a hair style of choice…
Old man Afro- unless you are a Fredrick Douglas impersonator I am really confused about why you think this is nice looking. And this goes to you too women! Looking like Florida Evans from Goodtimes should not be your goal. Just stop it!

Okay that’s all my blood pressure will allow me to write. Any other hairstyles that should be dropped kicked back to the past?


  1. Teased, hairsprayed pile of hair formed to resemble a hair sytle, our ethnic friends might agree. They know who they are . Light a match near it and POOF gone in 60


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