Music I Catch In Commercials

May 5, 2011

As a writer music always inspires me as I’ve posted before. I get scenes in my head for my novels just by hearing a song or it puts me in a mellow mood to focus on my writing.

Here are a few songs I’ve caught in commercials that I really like out right now.

Rock Mafia (The Big Bang) (heard in Mob Wives intro)

Aloe Blacc- (I Need Dollars) (heard in Boost Mobile Commercials)

Florence and The Machines  (heard in the Water for Elephants movie promo)

Any commerical/TV show songs that you like? Look out for an all time favorites posting!


  1. I was instantly hooked when I heard “I Need A Dollar” a couple of weeks ago in the Boost Mobile commercial while watching “Happy Endings”. I thought it was Bill Withers at first until I did a quick Google search.

    Another current favorite of mine is “The Golden Age” (featured in a Heineken commercial) by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.


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