I Want to Be a Billionaire

So freakin bad! I just had to put my car in the shop for a minor finder bender. This is the second time my car has gone to the auto repair this year. My driving skills, particularly parking, are less than desirable (no worries folks, you are safe on the road with me but if you park your car be afraid, be very afraid). And it’s not just me, other people gravitate towards doing damage to my car. I’ve had my windows smashed two or three times. I’ve had my driver’s side mirror destroyed. I’ve been rear ended. I’ve had branches scrape up my car and let’s not get into what I did to it trying to remove snow (lesson learned: do not use a shovel!).

So all that got me to thinking, I need to be rich so I can hire a driver because I’m pretty much over the whole experience.

This in turn got me to also thinking, hmm, what else would I do if I was rich? Here are some thoughts:

· Pay off every piece of debt I have. I’m talking to you law degree. I refuse to have gray in my hair by the time I’m done paying you off!

· Hire a chef. I cook because I have to but could take a pass on it altogether and since I should be eating healthy a good chef could make those veggies taste good.

· A personal trainer. I should add in also the time to see this trainer. When I have kids one day, I want my body to bounce back like Halle Berry’s so I need someone to help me out and the time to do those two hour workouts every day.

· Start a charter school. Particularly I want middle class kids to have access to a good education. The middle class is the forgotten group. They make too much to qualify for the charter schools for the underprivileged but too little to afford the education costs of good private schools.

· Travel to every continent (except Antarctica) in style. I want to do safaris, shop in high end places, stay at luxury hotels and fly first class!

· Keep regular high end salon and spa appointments- because the rich should look fabulous!

· Give to every charity that tugs at my heart, even those darn ones with the sad looking dogs in their commercials.

· Produce and write quality programming/movies that stars people of color in a positive light.

What would you do?


  1. I loooove that song ! If I had a billion dollars, no one would know about it except my dad. I would go to law school, and tell everyone that I am paying it off with loans, and use that as my coverup.

    Then after I would travel the world and let family back home think I'm racking up debt.

    I would give to charities anonymously and to family through my dad, and I would continue to live where I do economically, but in another city in style. I would live a double life.

    I don't trust many people at all, and life is so much better when people don't think you have money.


  2. First I would get a really good accountant, and invest it all. Then I'd pay off my house and college loan; then my parents' house, so Mom can retire and go travel. I'd buy or build my dream house; and start my own business – I have several really good ideas. I might even be able to afford to get treated for Lyme disease for good. And definitely I want to still volunteer for animal charities or even start my own rescue group, with a shelter on land that I own.


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