Awkward Interracial Dating?

Just caught the latest episode of my new favorite online show Awkward Black Girl. In this month’s episode, our main character goes on her first interracial date and it is indeed awkward. Her friend, an Indian girl, prepares her for the date, including the outfit (a t-shirt and shorts because, per her friend, white guys are more casual). The white guy takes her to a soul food restaurant and spoken word, neither sit right with our girl. The mini episode was cute and humorous but did make me reflect on my own interracial experiences. I am an equal opportunity dater so I’ve dated just about every race and mix in between. And I have to say…there isn’t a great difference. By my late twenties I find that all guys dress pretty well (well, nice for their abilities) for dates (the older the more spiffy!).

Although my first time eating fried chicken and waffles was to a place a white guy took me, it was an upscale joint and diverse place, so no music stopping when we entered the place like on this show (even the black men with white women made faces and her ex said if he’d known she’d date white he wouldn’t have broken up with her- I found that sad but not a totally unrealistic occurrence). And although we went to Busboys and Poets after, it wasn’t spoken word night but… you know what, maybe this show was right! No, DC, is pretty diverse and we just went there for coffee because it was down the street.

Anyway, I’ve also done casual outdoor dates with black guys. There simply is no stereotype across the racial lines. Guys are guys, wear some heels and your hair out in some manner (curly or straight) and you’re good! As the episode showed, if the pair had just been themselves and taken race out of the equation, they would have had a better time.

Here’s the episode if you care to watch…


  1. I'm sorry I've been away from blogging so long. I still owe you a blog entry about my vacation in Amsterdam.

    I didn't know that this show existed.

    I've dated Hispanic and Middle Eastern.

    I wish that I could say that there aren't differences between different ethnicities when it comes to dating, but sometimes there are. I guess it depends how “americanized” the guys are.


  2. Women dating White Men, has been a taboo subject. In recent years with popular movies such as 'Something New', 'Guess Who', 'Lakeview Terrace' and many others that feature Black Women dating White Men, the acceptance of such couples has increased


  3. Well, I find it really awkward when it comes to interracial dating but dating itself is really fun. I've been dating since 16years old and until now I'm really having fun about it.


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