Tough Love- Whateva

Just as I was about to go on blogging hiatus, my favorite love to hate show Tough Love is back on. You might know the show where an alleged successful match maker (Steve) tells women how horrible they are in their dating life (you know, the “hopelessly single”). Yes, some of the women are in need of some wake up calls (the superficial, low self esteem, angry) but half the women on the show are what I deemed normal. And to make matters worse the butt wipe match maker puts women in the worse scenarios and bashes them because they didn’t handle it well. It’s not like every day I enter a room with 30 or more dudes checking me out and taking notes simply on what I’m wearing, my figure, and how I walk across a room. And lets not forget that in episode two the kind hearted turd has men  follow each woman he is interested in, into an elevator where she is supposed to pick the guy she wants to date based on unsuperficial reasons in the matter of seconds it takes for them to get to the roof top deck (rolls eyes).

Oh yeah, did mention this is set in Miami, where if you are over a size 4 you aren’t even looked twice at. So yes, the size 0 woman in a dress the length of a shirt gets over 9 guys following her into the elevator and the probably size 8 former beauty queen with body issues only gets 1 guy, who actually says he just came up to her because he felt bad for her. And this is her fault? How is she supposed to feel good about herself if she is surrounded by that kind of superficiality?

When I first watched this show in season one, as a single gal I thought I could learn a few things but all I get out of it now is pure entertainment (and a bit of high blood pressure). Look, I’m all for being the best I can be and showing that best side of me to a potential partner but I don’t like the idea of changing who you are to get a man. If you are quirky, stay that way. If you, like me, have a sarcastic sense of humor, keep it. If you aren’ a size two, so what, as long as you’re healthy. It takes a lot of work to keep up a facade to make someone want to date you and even more to keep it going into a relationship.  It’s much more fun to be yourself and the right person will think so too.

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