I’m not old…am I?

So now that I live in a city (sort of) I no longer have the luxury of driving down the street to the mall. As such I have increased my online shopping, which I find to be a very bad thing for a clothing/shoe/makeup/purse obsessed gal. In my shopping daze I ordered a romper. It was a cute brown halter one, got it from Arden B, a little short but why not I say. Then I thought about it, I’m in my early 30s (there I said it, nothing to be ashamed of), do I now have to be more thoughtful about the things I choose to wear? Can I no longer wear low pigtails, colorful sneakers, mini skirts, glitter make up, pink hair, tattoos, facial piercings, T-shirts with cartoons on them, rompers (the jumpsuits less conservative cousin)? At what point do you need to stop going into Forever 21 and the junior department?

I always thought the fun thing about Forever 21 is that it realized the clothes were young but didn’t want you to feel bad about wearing them by instead saying you’ll be forever young by wearing them. I figure as long as my butt can fit in it, why not keep wearing it. But say, and wouldn’t it be nice, I was the same size as I am now at 60. Should I be strutting down the street in a romper? And would the me 15 years ago who saw someone my age in a romper say that old heifer needs to sit down and put on some elastic mom jeans?

Granted 30s is allegedly the new 20s but still, I think there has a to be a line regarding what is age appropriate. Maybe its the profession (I figure if you are a tattoo artist you can look like anything for as long as you want). Or maybe its if you have kids (does it look right to be wearing your daughters close and having matching blue hair?). Maybe its how you age (if you can pass for younger, does it matter?). Maybe its about how YOU feel and not what anyone else thinks. In that case, me and my 30 something year old butt will proudly strut myself down the street in my romper. Because if I feel good in it, then I’ll look good in it and if no one else thinks so… who cares, I’m in my 30s! That’s the one good thing about getting older- your confidence grows and you don’t need others to validate you!

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