Zero Tolerance For Little Jerks

I know I’m late to the game but I still have to comment on this. What happened to this woman is disgusting and I have no sympathy for these ignorant children. They were old enough to know they were being cruel. There used to be a time that kids feared adults or at least had enough respect for them that they wouldn’t dare act up in front of them. Not sure what’s gone on since I left school.

Having been a victim of bullying in my middle school years and a bit in high school, I know how cruel kids can be and I know that with each decade kids are becoming crueler. It’s easier to be mean now based on the access to ugliness that kids see on TV and the fact that they have more mediums to be jerks (facebook, twitter, text messaging, emailing). I know middle school kids are the cruelist of all and would not want to repeat any part of those three years of my life ever again. The damage bullying can do to your self esteem even into your adult years is profound.

Yes, some kids grow out of being bullies but many don’t. With the work that I do, I can tell you with great certainty that bullying doesn’t stop at graduation. A boss can bully and so can a coworker. We might call it workplace harassment. And that’s exactly what this poor bus monitor faced. What makes it so horrible is not  just the dispicable things these little jerks said but that they were so heartless in the first place. What was the point? Do they feel like better people? Who are their parents?

I never understood being pointlessly mean to someone. Not as a child and still not as an adult. I believe in karma and I believe in giving out what you hope to receive. To put someone down who has never done you wrong and who should receive your respect as an elder is mind blowing to me. To verbally assault a person unprovoked is not something that should be taken lightly. I hope these kids get a severe punishment. They should be taught now that such behavior is not acceptable. In fact, in the “real world” it could get you physically hurt or fired from your job. At the very least it makes you a menace to society that this world needs less of. I hope that other children ostracize these little buttwipes; nothing like your own peers hating your behavior that really makes things hit homes.

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