The Cathy Project

So …been a while I know, no excuses, life just side tracked me. But with the new year I am determined to have a fresh start and do some different things this year. Which is why I have titled this post in respect for a TV show I love about another curvy brown girl in her early thirties going through life changes, The Mindy Project. So I’m not sure the show really mirrors my life but it’s a good catalyst for my goals this year.

Three days in and I haven’t accomplished much except locking myself out of my apartment, cleaning cat vomit off my floor (note to self, cats do eat ribbon from gifts so clean up better) and nearly passing out in the street from jogging in 30 something degree weather. But I’m hopeful because I have goals and I can’t give up now.

So what, you ask, does the Cathy Project consist of? Well, let’s see:

Losing 10-15 pounds, I gained weight in my last relationship. I’ve already dropped three so I’m encouraged. Popeyes chicken, pizza hut and M&Ms were fake friends.
Run a 5k. Over the summer I ran/walked a 5k in 38 minutes, let’s see if I can run it all in 30…
Travel. I’m going to Amsterdam, Ireland and Mexico. Should yield some fun stories.
Do things alone that I haven’t before such as, going to a spa, out to eat, to a bar,travel.
Find love again, I was told by someone that they foresaw this being the year I meet my husband, yes please!
Work on getting published. I have two finished novels, it’s time to get them moving even if self published.
Be happier. It’s so easy for me to grumble but a friend suggested I start a happy jar and put in the jar happy things that happen to me for me to go back to when I’m feeling low. As the lazy girl that I am I have to wonder if there is an app for that…

These are just a few of the to do list for the year. Stay tuned for my first new activity…going out to a bar alone…

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