Bite size addition

Welcome to a new short post which I will do from time to time which I call bite sized (or fun sized) posts).

I really like my apartment. The only thing that would make me pack up screaming and running, besides an infestation (obsessed with that show btw) and ghosts, is a bad neighbor. So  every Saturday morning between 730 and 830 am my neighbor below loves to cook what I can only believe is roasted poo sprinkled with gas with a side of burnt chitlins. This smell then floats it’s butt up to me and smacks me in my face awake. It also fills the hallways below.

There is no escape, an open window only helps a little and that sucks to do in the winter.

I have spoken to property management and they spoke to her and it stopped for months, right into me renewing my lease. Now guess who’s back? Last week my property manager finally smelled it for herself and was appalled and said she would do something. Cool, meanwhile, I was up early this Saturday to avoid passing out from the stench so was anything done?

How will this (nonviolently) resolve? Suggestions…other than putting a bag of flaming poo on her welcome mat (she might think it’s food)?

One comment

  1. Hey. I had this problem with my first apartment. I can distinctly recall the smell of roasting bugs to this day!!! Its possible that she may need to clean her oven. I feel your pain!!


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