The Cathy Project

A little over a week into my resolutions and I’m going semi strong. Dropped five pounds but my eating could be much better. I just have an addiction to chocolate and salt that cannot be denied. It was suggested that I try grapefruit to snack on but that seems just wrong. So, yeah back to the drawing board.
My working out is still hardcore, for me that is, but it’s not getting easier. At what point does running stop being exhausting, I’d like to get there now please! I mean the other day I had to do an internal pep talk and do boxing jabs to keep myself from falling out during my jogging. Then I got nasueas on the ride home. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

On the going out alone front I did go to a bar alone…for like 15 minutes then I met up with a friend. Ok so maybe I didn’t give it my best effort but I have to say being at a bar alone is a lesson in awkwardness. You sip your drink, look around, check your smartphone, rinse and repeat. A friend told me not to go to a bar a
One on a Friday or Saturday or during happy hour. So I go…on a Friday at happy hour. My failure to listen to her only made me feel like a sucker. The theory is to go when it’s slow and chat up the bartender or another soul out there alone. When I went I was surrounded by a bunch of groups of friends and pairs. So I just looked sad. But I won’t give up. I will try again. This weekend, on a Sunday.

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