Are we desperate?

Had to start my post all Carrie-from-Sex-and-the-City like by posing a question. Here’s what promoted me to ask this question. Was told my a male associate that it’s easier to tell a woman in her thirties what she wants to hear because we are all desperate to get married. Therefore all a guy has to do to get what he wants from a woman is to lead her down the marriage road even if he is not seriously in love with her but, instead, might have other motives. In sum, the 30 something woman is easier to attract because of her ticking clock.

This bothered me because regardless  of my desire to get married I am not desperate. I’ve been through a lot in my relationship history and I’d like to believe that I can now see through the BS someone throws at me. My senses are no longer drowned out by some booming biological clock.

Further, my standards don’t need to take a dive off a cliff just because I’m in my third decade of life. I am finding that males seem perturbed that I am slightly picky in my dating life. What, because I’m in my thirties I should take whoever comes to me? Fortunately, times haven’t gotten that tough for me. But it seems some men think it has simply because of my age group…grumble grumble

One comment

  1. This interesting. I also refuse to settle. There is a difference between wanting a partner and being desperate. We want someone but we are also smart enough to know that we can live happy without a man. But, there are desperate women out there and some men take advantage of that.


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