Me and my girls

Just finished watching one of my all time favorite friend movies, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I adore a good gal pal movie. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had friends on the level I see in these movies. Not to say my friends aren’t great but there is a level of closeness or “ride or dieness” that I haven’t had with my friends since probably college. As an adult I still need my girls but the reality is there are more distractions as adults. We have jobs, move, get married, have babies. And we just don’t remain as close anymore.
So, when I see that a god girlfriend movie is on, I have to stop and watch and smile. Here are some of my top ones and why:

  1. Romy and Michelle’s High school Reunion: they were two peas in a pod and had each other’s backs. Even when they had a spat it ended quickly when one of them was in trouble. They got over the judgment and accepted each other as is. True friends don’t hold grudges for long.
  2. Sex and the City: so the sequel sucked but the first was still awesome to me. I loved how they dropped everything and came to Carrie’s aid when she got left at the alter by Big. Even leaving to go out of the country with her. And who can forget Carrie getting out of bed on NYE night and taking the subway all the way from Manhattans to Brooklyn to be with Miranda when she was feeling blue from her separation from Steve.
  3. Waiting to Exhale: I can’t recall, did these women ever fight with each other? They were there for one another and that was all that mattered. And who doesn’t love a good glass of wine, some music and some girl talk with your friends?
  4. Steel Magnolias (the original): young or old, rich or poor, these women were true blue and tight like glue and were there for each other when tragedy stuck.
  5. Thelma and Louise: drove off a cliff together, nuff said (btw- I wouldn’t do that for my closest gal pal)
  6. The Color Purple: Not sure if this was meant to be a girlfriend movie but it is to me. It shows how through tough times and bad situations the strength of female friendship can triumph. And who doesn’t cry at the end when the sisters hand clap in the field. sniff sniff
  7. Beaches: they were friends as kids, fell apart, came back together and were with each other to the end.

Any movies I’m missing?

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