Winter time blues

I can’t take it!!!
This cold weather, unaccompanied by any fun snow (translate: enough to close the office for a day or two), is driving me mad.
All I can think about are all the things I miss and would do when the weather gets warmer.
To help me through this cold weather blues I will comfort myself with thoughts of the following things about warmer weather that I can’t wait to do:

  1. rooftop happy hours
  2. jogging/walking/hiking outdoors
  3. dinning al fresco (and people watching)
  4. SANDALS and open toed shoes
  5. summer dresses with no stockings
  6. windows open/down
  7. smoothies (I know I can drink them now but it’s too cold for cold drinks)
  8. THE SUN
  9. shopping outdoors (ex. Georgetown area)
  10. MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION (yes I am just crazy lazy in the cold weather and uninspired)
  11. WARMTH (tired of the cold air burning my nostrils and causing me pain)
  12. daylight savings (tired of waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark, although it’s getting better now)

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