Random things that really piss a girl off

I’m pissed and mind you my problem is strictly a girl problem but it’s a problem none the less. Which made me decide to do, yes another, list of things that are girl issues that piss us off. Let’s start with what led me to write this post:

  1. Hair color not taking- Here you go all excited about making a change and going all BeyoncĂ© or something on your hair. You put the color in imagining you in a dance video shaking your now bright color or mysterious dark color all around. You wash your hair, get a little squinty eyed cause you can’t quite see a difference, then blow dry it and…nothing. Not a darn change at tall! This happened to me. I call myself coloring my hair lightest brown and it didn’t do a dang nabbit thang. Not a hint of change. How long I gotta wait to try again? *crosses arms angrily*
  2. Working out hard and not losing a thang- All a guy has to do is think about losing weight and he’s ten pounds lighter. I have to run a marathon and yet still my weight won’t change. I have to eat twigs and berries to lose it all but after running all day who wants that? Grumble grumble.
  3. Rom Coms- Yes romantic comedies are made for women but don’t you just get pissed off when you realize at some point in the movie, perhaps the scene where he professes his undying love to her, in the rain or something, that this crap ain’t real? What guy talks like that? This script was written by a woman. Then of course this happened in real life. Who was that guy? Where are others like him?
  4. Bloating- So not only do we have to deal with cramps, inconvenient aunt flo and irritability once a month but I have to tear through my closet and find clothes that don’t give me a muffin top because I’m retaining so much water I look like I’m pregnant. I’m already trying to lose weight then I have to put on a mui mui to get comfortable! I have been late or missed a good time because I can’t close my jeans over my bloated belly. I can’t take it!
  5. A good sale but not my size- So you are at a fabulous shoe or clothing sale and you see the item you want. You again are envisioning yourself looking like a star working the red carpet when much to your displeasure you can’t find your size. Why is everyone your SIZE!? You try to squeeze into the smaller size or get in the larger size but it’s not the same. Bubble bursted.
  6. Making a dish- and then it turns out like crap. I mean I was all set to do my Julia Childs thing and working the kitchen like I’m on the food network. I bite into the dish and…akkk who the heck is going to eat this? My cat ran knocked the bowl over when I tried to feed it to her. Maybe I’ll just freeze it and let it get freezer burn. Well guess my dinner gonna turn into popeyes chicken n biscuits!

I got more but let’s just leave it here. Gotta go get that popeyes and hair dye!

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