Song for the Furloughed: Part Two

Le sigh, so I really was hoping I wouldn’t have to do a part two to this post because, uh, I don’t know, I thought Congress would have gotten itself together by now. Crazy me. So here I go again with some more songs that I believe really speak to my situation (outside of Good Times the verse “temporary layoffs” never rang so true):


Hometown Glory– a lesser known Adele song but it always feels like a song about home (which in my case is the DMV area) regarding the good and the bad of it all.

Scream– Michael and Janet Jackson- because, yes, this whole thing kinda makes me want to scream

Power– Kanye West- I just really thing that Congress has too much power and because they are subject to the same rules as other government workers they make decisions without really being concerned with the outcomes.

Change– by Joy Denalane w/ Lupe Fiasco- this is a lesser known artist but I think this song is spot on. After this event, we have to really start changing the way we vote and hold our politicians accountable.

Just Fine (remix cause I likes old school) by Mary J. Blige- because I think we need to stay positive in all this and know that we will make it through. Knowing that we will be getting back pay helps with keeping spirits up.


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