Tis the season for holiday movies

So when it comes to the Christmas spirit outside of the all important religious story/message, the holiday lights (oh how I love me some Christmas lights), the warm drinks and food, songs and of course presents what else does a gal like to do to put her in the holiday spirit? Watch holiday movies of course! I love em even the corny Hallmark/Lifetime/ABCfamily ones. I also love the cartoons, especially the old stop motion ones. Here is my list of m favorite holiday movies/cartoons that I must watch each and every Christmas to put me in the spirit:

  • Love Actually– Although it seems move like a Valentine movie, it is set around Christmas. I found the intertwining love stories realistic and touching. And a gal loves a British accent. It’s also fun seeing some of the stars in it before they made it big (check out dudes from Walking Dead and Twelve years a Slave)
  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas- the cartoon, not the movie, sorry, I love Dr. Seuss and I love the message it gives- it’s not about the decorations and presents, it’s about being together and celebrating the bigger message.
  • Scrooged- I could watch a Christmas Carol told in 10, 000 different ways but somehow this version always entertains me the most. Bill Murray is a hoot and the future ghost is the scariest one I’ve ever seen which feeds my horror fan need.
  • Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer/Santa Claus is Coming to Town/The Year Without a Santa Claus- Pretty much any stop motion cartoon (except Nestor the Christmas donkey- that was just unnecessary)
  • Scrooge- I am referring to the 1970s musical version. This is one of my fav songs from the movie.  Granted they are singing this in the future version at Scrooge’s death while they dance and sing on his coffin but the song is too catchy!

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