Tis the Season…Dang it!

Not sure why but this gal is not as in the Christmas spirit as she usually is (perhaps its because I am talking about myself in the third person- let’s stop that). I have some suspicions regarding why I am feeling more Grinch than Whovian but I will fight it and get myself together. I have only a few days and I will think of the things that put me in the sprit so I have a list (yes, another list). Follow me now:

  1. Fruitcake- yes most folk don’t care for this dessert but I actually really love it. I haven’t had any this year  so perhaps this is why my spirit hasn’t hit yet
  2. Christmas lights- they set a special mood for me and I’m like a kid again
  3. Baking- nuff said, let me add- and eating what I bake
  4. Giving- Around Christmas I am like the Godfather on the day of his daughter’s wedding and will pretty much say yes to anything you ask for (within reason) with regard to a charity. So if someone is asking for money to help those in need, I’m like okay! I have given to St. Judes so many times this past month that I lost count
  5. Getting sparkly- I love all the holiday parties and gatherings with friends. And I love getting fancied up (yes I made it into a verb) to get out and about, sip cute drinks and take an annoying amount of selfies
  6. Going to the movies- every year I go see a movie on Christmas day with some of my family. I so want to see the new Hobbit movie but I can’t trick anyone into going with me this year like I did in previous years with the Lord of the Rings movies. Le sigh
  7. Christmas music- It just gives me the warm and fuzzies all over. Especially Donny Hathaway’s This Christmas and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas
  8. Mac and Cheese- (the baked kind) yes I know I can eat it any time but my mom only makes it during the holiday and that’s the best kind, period. She has told me that she will not be making it this Christmas because she made it for Thanksgiving. The sadness of it all.
  9. Snow-  I love it. As long as I don’t have to drive in it. Then I hate it.
  10. Gifts- No list would be right without it. Now that I am an adult I am not as huge on receiving gifts (let me clarify- I want gifts but I’m not picky on what it is, just something thoughtful). I no longer have a Christmas list. What I do like now, and have always liked really ever since I would go shopping to Rite Aid as a 10 year old to get my parents their gifts with my little piece of allowance, is shopping for others. I love getting family, friends and charity gifts. I really just love shopping- for myself, for others. In another life I could be a personal shopper/stylist.

Okay good people. I hope you’re in the Christmas spirit and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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