My Year in Pictures

Well the good, fun part of my year in pictures. This has actually been a less than stellar year for me but I am trying not to focus on that and instead present a recap of the fun things I did this year. Here we go, in no order at all (#lazygal):

I went to Brussels!

 and Amsterdam

 I finally saw the Cherry Blossoms
 Got some new glasses cause my vision is trying to act out

Hung out with my closest pals for my bday

Joined Instagram and have become a selfie addict

Rung in the new year with my gals

 went to Miami

 with my sissy!

 got furloughed (yeah this isn’t so good but we got our money back so in the end it was a nice time off)
 cooked and baked a lot (gingerbread iced cookies)

 finally got to dress as Lt. Uhura for Halloween

Met new friends this year and am having a blast out in DC

 Saw Jesse Jackson speak

hung out with pals for my sissy’s bday

went to NYC (again, love it)

made a great seafood pasta

 and candied pecans

 and fried scallops and spinach

 out for a thanksgiving party feeling fabulous.
I had some bad times this year but 2013 wasn’t too bad. Nice to have some memories in pictures!

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