Get it Right Get it Tight- Episode 1

So if you recall part of my goals for 2014 is to drop weight. I’ve been trying to do that all 2013 and I just gained weight instead. There are other factors that led to the gain but I just came to realize that I just can’t do it on my own. So enough is enough. I joined Weight Watchers. I made the mistake of joining on a Friday which can make a weekend of fun difficult however Weight Watchers (or WW) is a very realistic program. You get a certain amount of points for the day to eat (and certain veggies and fruits give you zero points so you can eat as much of them as you want- although, there is a limit on how much broccoli I care to “go to town on” so its like saying you can drink all the water you want).
Just getting on the point system I realized how much I was eating. So I have 26 points I can use a day. Eating the way I normally did I would use 29-35 points regularly and on the weekend much more. By eating right, 26 points is a lot of points. Also I get 49 extra points for the week. So if I want dessert or drinks at some point in the week I can pull from those points. You also get points for working out. By end of week one I had lost 2 pounds but could do better. Here is what I learned:
  • One- don’t use all the extra points just because you have them.
  • Two- the activity(exercise) points will disappear if you don’t use them but again- just don’t, try to stick to the main points you have.
  • Three- you will notice the type of eater you are and your weaknesses/strengths by the days you fall off (aka- go over your set daily points). I found out I am  a stress and boredom eater and I eat more if I drink (so I think I will not drink for two weeks just to see a difference).
  • WW has a great app that you can use when eating and shopping. It even has a scanner. So I can just scan the food I want to purchase at the grocery store or eat around my house to see how many points. Made a huge difference in what I ate and bought.
  • Although I love to go out, being on a diet also affects what you drink. I’ve never been a heavy drinker but I am a fruity/sweet drink kind of gal and those are the drinks that give you major points. I had to change that. So long side cars (5 points), hello Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmos (1 point and actually good compared to the other drinks in this collection) or vodka/club soda (3 points).
  • Biggest goodbye? My obsession with cupcakes and twizzlers. I have a list on Yelp of all my reviews of cupcake places in the area but I guess the list has come to an end. A regular large store bought cupcake is around 10 points! And twizzlers are like 1 point for one twizzler! To replace my candy fix I now get Dum Dums lodipops which are 1 point for two and if push comes to shove and I need a cupcake, I’ll have to cut it in half or save it for my extra point treat once in a while.
It’s a slow start but a start none the less. I want a Kim K/Beyoncé body, but I will not take selfies of my backside nor do I want to “show off my body”. (I am not in front of the camera so I don’t have that pressure to look good). I just want to fit right in my clothes again and be my feel good weight.

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