I’m such a movie nerd and when it comes to action, fantasy and horror I get pumped. I say that to simply say I am excited to see these movies in 2014: 3 (they brought in Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Antonio Bandaras and Wesley Snipes-  going to be a lot of cornball/one-liners and I love it!),

 of the Planet of the Apes (I actually liked the first revisioning, sadly my James Franco will not be in it)

Jupiter Rising (no idea what it’s about, just looks cool and the Warchoski sibs (did you know that one is now a woman?) always know how to make a visually stunning movie)

Maleficent (Angelina Jolie as one of Disney’s scariest villains (at least to me as a child) in a “darker” version of Sleeping Beauty- yes please)

Transcendence (sci-fi tale starting Johnny Depp who always entertains me and it’s got Morgan Freeman so I’m game)

Xmen- Days of Future Past- All the Xmen who survived the first trilogy and the First Class prequel movie AND future Xmen (if you used to watch the cartoon or read the comics you know this story line) – I’m there even if I have to go alone (still trying to get to the New Hobbit movie on my own)

I’m ready!!!

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