The Set Up

The Snow’s a commin! The Snow’s a commin ! But what does that mean? Knocking on wood and all that, I am blessed that I don’t live in an area where snow storms can shut the city down for a week. Yet time and time again if the weather man (who I am convinced has a side deal with the grocery stores) says snow is a commin we jet to Safeway like it’s the zombie apocalypse. Lines zig-zag through the store like they are giving away something free. Why do we give in? Why do I think I must prepare for battle when a few flurries are threatened? So it was a nightmare last night at the grocery store. While standing in line I began to wonder why we always flock to the store when a winter storm is a commin. I mean do we think we are going to be stranded in the house and can’t get out to get food for days? Did we not have enough food before we went to the store to keep us for a day or two because that’s usually how long we are going to be stuck inside (not mentioning that we can always order because somehow Pizza hut can always deliver along with that good guy mailman/woman). I saw people buying food like they were going to be stuck inside for at least a week or more. So now you are inside with a bunch of food the day before Valentine’s day (or as we singles call it – Friday) so you’ll want to go out and buy more crap (either at happy hour or a restaurant). Thus wasting all that money you spent stockpiling for the revolution. *Scratches my head* I don’t get it. Yet, I’m still nervous about the idea of not going to the store when snow is threatened. Also side note: Why must people make sure they get bread, milk, and toilet paper when snow is a commin? Are they going to eat more cereal or bake more during the storm? They going to eat more sandwiches? And are people expecting to take more dumps when they are snowed in? I get it if you have kids, especially small ones, because they can be eating and pooping machines (cute ones nonetheless) but for the rest of us? As my dad put it, the new staples should be croissants (or cinnamon rolls), chocolates and wine… That’s the kind of luxury eating/drinking you want to do when you get a snow day on a work day! So in my mind liquor stores should be getting more business when the snow is a commin. I’m just saying…

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