Frequent Flyers

Not a surprise that a blogger is a big blog follower. And instagram and Pinterest follower. Not only that, but I am a huge magazine reader and fancy myself a stylish kind of girl. As such, I am always looking for new sites to get tips on everything from makeup, clothes, hair, books, exercise and food. Here are my top sites (be they blogs, youtube videos or magazines) put in categories.

Great Hair sites– natural hair expert with the best curls I’ve eva seen. Hair crush for sure and she is very knowledgeable about curly hair– she’s the staple for anyone who is natural– great information about natural hair and you can purchase hair products through them with reviews– great site to purchase wigs, weaves, instaweaves etc at all price points– another great site to find wigs and such
Youtube- naptural85- she is also on instagram. She is another one of my curl crushes for natural hair.

Fashion/Makeup – I love this magazine. You find great style ideas at all price points. I also follow them on instagram– best site ever to find everything. I buy clothes, books, electronics, hair (yes I do) and the delivery is quick and simple
Destiny Godley- you tube- great make up tips
Motives Cosmetics- instagram- another great make up site– this curvy girl rocks some serious fashion. you don’t have to be plus sized to follow her. She really just shows a great array of styles for any size girl with curves.
MooreBeautyLove- instagram- great hair and makeup styles

Food– when I do feel like cooking, this is a site I frequent for ideas
Pinterest- great site to find recipes

To do/Travel– I literally use this site as a go to for travels all over the world to find places to eat, shop and party– This is my basic go to for making any trip arrangements.– great site to find the cool things to do in major cities

If you know of any good sites in these categories please share with a gal!

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