News Alert: TV isn’t real

Yes, I know everyone knows that (she says in her Gieco commercial voice) but I wanted to focus on something that I see in TV and movies that’s been bugging the heck out of me. It is the mundane but it’s the mundane that just doesn’t happen in my world. Let me explain.

In TV it’s light out when the characters wake up. Birds are chirping. Sun is brightly shining. Unless I wake up at 8am or its spring/summer, it’s usually dark. In my world, especially now, its like night out when I get up. No birds are a chirpin. Now unless we are to believe that all TV is set in the spring and summer, I get annoyed when I see these allegedly busy characters wake up late enough the sun is out. And even with the light out when I wake up, I still have blinds to keep the light at bay (and pervs), do people in movies not sleep with blinds? Exhibitionist…

Which leads me to my second point. These busy people in TV shows have time to workout and visit with friends all before they get to work (and its light out). Now I know many people who workout before work but again, its not light out right now. And most folk don’t have time to visit with friends for coffee or chit chat (unless they are blue toothing it in the car) before getting to work between the hours of 8-9. The average start times for work. Who are these people? How are you a lawyer or doctor or news reporter (hint hint Being Mary Jane) and have children and also have time to visit your friend down the street before going to work. With it being light outside? Where they do that at?

Perfect hair. I love me some Olivia Pope, but with her job schedule how does she have time to have hair like that? I’ve seen other shows too, especially with the loose curls. Seriously, Dr. So and So, you have time to get up in the morning and wave your hair before going into the ER? Get outta here.

I know some of this is for the sake of the show/movie but er, uh, what’s the deal with coming over unannounced and talking about things that can be discussed over the phone? In my life, I don’t visit with my friends all the time. Specifically not on a random Monday night. This is also because my friends don’t live super close. I mean an occasional Game of Thrones or Scandal watch party might happen but it’s not the usual. And my friends have lives, they are too busy to always stop by unannounced and that would bug me anyway unless its an emergency (a gal likes to put a face mask and some hair curlers on from time to time). This ain’t Friends or Seinfeld.

Lunch dates/meetups. Unless I work in the same office as my friends or within walking distance, I’m not meeting my gal pals for lunch during the work week. By the time we get to each other and back lunch is over. We’d have to flex out of work and make up the extra time. So not worth it. I’ll catch ya’ll at happy hour. Same goes to dudes who ask to meet for lunch. I rarely even take a lunch break, c’mon. Let’s do dinner, sir.

Just my soapbox statement for the day.

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