Book Release Party How To and Not to

So a little over a week ago I had a book release party for my long awaited (at least by me) ebook: The Mission (out now on Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold, print on demand). Let me say doing marketing for a book is a job in itself. I’m sure I’ll need a publicist. But the kick start was planning the a party which was nerve-wracking.
If you ever have to plan a publicity party here are some tips:

  1. Do an RSVP but don’t expect people to stick to it. More or less may come, people will invite others at the last minute
  2. Pick a venue that matches the crowd your book caters to. You can get interest from people who are already patronizing the place to see what your little shindig is all about.


  3. If you can do a book reading, please do! I picked a place with a live band so that was a no go for me but I would have liked to.
  4. Have food. People don’t know you as an author yet so enticing folks with treats helps to get attendance.
  5. Have giveaways.Make those giveaways related to the book. In my book the girls go out to eat a lot, so we had a gift card to a restaurant. I also had giftcards to amazon so they can buy the book (or whatever) and of course giveaways of the book.
  6. Expect people to want a signed copy. In fact no one is buying a book without a signature so have lots o pens!
  7. Have business cards. This is also a great networking event. You never know who will attend

    who you can work with in the future to help you with marketing and you help them by being a speaker to their class or group etc.

  8. Decorate, have a poster of your book. It not only lets guests know where the function is, it may entice other patrons.
  9. Have a photographer. You want to remember this event. And the pictures are good advertisements on your site.
  10. Have a person help you with getting payments and storing the money properly. You don’t want to be focusing on the money situation, you want to be networking, talking and such.

Things I would have done but didn’t

  1. Advertised to more people. I kept it to family and friends. I could have extended the invite to more people and sent something out via twitter and facebook and my meetup groups etc.
  2. Have knick knacks. Having more items with my book title on it is more advertising (like pens and bookmarks).
  3. Do a joint party with other authors, preferably writing in a similar genre as you. More people. Even better if that other person already has a following who could be interested in your book. You get interest from their guest and visa versa and you split all the costs for the party.
  4. Have your party at a place that will also hype your event. I did not and I can’t help but think that it would have helped if that was offered.

Well for the first time, I can’t complain. It was a learning lesson and a lot of fun. Hope this helps!

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