Dating Desires

So I got this email from a friend regarding her Ah-Ha moment about dating. I thought she made some great points and it was worth sharing:

“Good Morning,
So as I am still “taking a break” from jumping in to anything serious with a man, I have had some time to think about the things that really matter and make love stick (for lack of a better word). Yes every woman wants a man that can shower them with nice things and say kind words, or just simply adore them but what about the other things. All in all, I think my love languages have changed.. and by golly I think I speak all 5 languages! I can buy my own nice stuff and to be perfectly honest I probably prefer to pick out my things anyways. But I would still like a man to buy me flowers or something cute that they saw on the way home from work that made me come to mind. And yes I want to spend quality time with my man BUT I prefer you to not be so available! (Live your life too!) I have a wonderful group of friends, an awesome family, and my own interest that I care not to be with you EVERY moment of the day. While I do want to spend most of my time with man, I find it so much more rewarding to spend some time away so I can miss him, and then when we come back together we can talk about the things we did or…learned. Words of affirmation… I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF A MAN TELLING ME HE LOVES ME or HOW HE LOVES ME! God wrote the number one best seller telling us how much he loves us and that book is BIG! Moving on… Physical Touch… holding hands, a warm embrace, and simple kiss on the cheek. The older I get not only do I appreciate this from my man but also my friends and family. With this techy world it’s nice to know we still have a pulse! Now here is the big one… Acts of service… I would not have even thought this would be the most important thing to me, but I do now!!! Acts of service is not only a man doing things for you so  you won’t have to do it but it’s also to make sure you are safe. If a man is making sure your car is taken care of it means “hey I want to know my ladies care is safe!” If a man comes over to check your HVAC, alarm, windows, etc. he is saying “I want my baby to be safe!” Even if he just comes over when other people are working on your house he is saying “I don’t want nobody taking a advantage of my lady so I am going to make my presence known!” Its important! Well that is my morning rant… but before I go: the one thing I am doing is praying for these things and also know that when this man comes to me that I can give it all back to him as well! Going to get some water now and get off my soap box. “

Let the choir say Amen. It’s emails and conversations like this that prompted me to write my novel, The Mission which I will be talking about tonight in my podcast interview. Details below, hope you can tune in!

On Thursday, April 10 at 9pm, Tune-in on Positive Power 21 LIVE
by dialing 1-559-726-1300
access code 895455#
For my interview regarding my book, The Mission. Thanks for your support!

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