Nooo I wasn’t ready!

My parents are pretty in touch with pop culture and technology for their generation but I’m still freaked out a little by their ability to do certain things or catch certain references. Mind you I came from a mother who couldn’t put a VHS in a VCR. Which filtered down to me (I held on to CDs till The Man tore em from my arms and I still hold special nostalgia for the days I made mix tapes from the songs I caught on the radio). So when I see my parents be “trendy”, well it weirds me out.

Exhibit 1- My mom hastags me. It’s funny but still a bit odd to get a #sheneedstohaveseveralseats or #aintnobodygottimeforthat hastag from my mom

Exhibit 2- Let me be honest, it was weird in general to even get a text from my mom. I’m just used to her calling. Usually she text things like “I’m home”, “I’m going shopping” “I’m going walking” “What you doing?”.  Sometimes late at night. Shouldn’t she be sleeping? It’s 11pm! Sigh the life of a retiree.

Exhibit 3- Getting emoticons or abbriviations from parents. My dad using “LOL”, my mom using “:-)”  No wonder the kids are getting off Facebook

Exhibit 4- Which leads me to, my parents are on Facebook. Which is really why kids aren’t on it anymore. It used to be the place where the young could act a fool but now with your parents friending you it’s not the same. And who isn’t going to accept the friend request from your parents. I mean it’d be mean to just ignore it (says the girl who ignored her dad’s request for as long a she could)

Exhibit 5- My parents dressing…well. Literally my sister and I have scored on shoes from my mom because she is so stylish and for their to be a 30 year age gap that’s saying something. And my dad’s a snazzy dresser to and not just “for his age” (Except for the kango hat dad, You are not Samuel L. Jackson and I don’t want to hear you talk about some mfing snakes on a plane). When did this happen?

Things you don’t want to see your parents do, ever, because it will never be cool on them- twerking, tube tops, rapping to lyrics outside of early 80s, dropping “it” low- it’s dangerous, going to a Jay-Z concert- why?, using the term “YOLO”, getting a piercing outside of the ear.

That’s all I got for now.


  1. *sigh* I sooo wish my mom could step into this millennium. She still holds on to her quasi-80's hair (we cannot convince her to change it), does not own a cell phone, computer and has never been on the internet; has no interest. Oh she also does not have cable.

    She misses out on so much and yet she has no idea what she's missing.


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