Summer For a TV Addict

I like TV. Probably too much. I don’t live by it. That’s what DVRs are for and binge watching. It used to be that summer was my break but now its becoming just as filled up as my fall/winter/spring line up. So while I wait for Scandal and The Walking Dead to come back on I’m excited about the premire and return of some of these summer shows:

Orphan Black– already airing in its second season on BBC America, the concept is a woman who finds out she is a clone. One of many clone copies and the conspiracy and deception is high level. The actress who regularly plays 3-5 roles in one episode should win a Globe or Emmy by now. This is no Nutty Professor/Eddie Murphy playing a bunch of roles in makeup. The clones only have minor differences (hair style, hair color, accent) and still you think its a totally different person. And her brother is a charmer. Someone you want for your bestie. Love it.

Last Ship-  coming out in July on TNT, based on a book about a disease that wipes out much of humanity and survivors on, well, the last ship, trying to find a cure. Post apocalyptic goodness.

The Leftovers– coming out in late June on HBO this is another series based on a novel about what happens to those left on earth after a Rapture like disappearance of a portion of the world’s population. HBO pulls out good drama for the most part so I’m intrigued.

Penny Dreadful- cool concept period horror series currently on Showtime with my boyfriend in my head Josh Hartnett who is part of a team of folk looking into the weird/paranormal (including Dracula, Frankenstein monster, Dorian Gray and more!). Creepy goodness.

True Blood– final season airing in late June on HBO. I was dismayed with the last season but since this is wraping up I’ll stick with it. I loved how Bell ended his other series Six Feet Under (who can forget the finale final moments as it displayed the life and eventual death of the main characters to Sia’s song Breathe Me, haunting). So I have high hopes.

The Strain– yep another series based on a book (series of books) coming on FX in July but its not just any series, this is based on the books by writer/director Guillermo del Toro and if you know his work (Pans Labyrinth, The Orphanage (one of my favorite horror films), Pacific Rim) and are into horror you want to see this series based on a vampire out break (and these aren’t your Twilight/True Blood vamps, these are the stuff of nightmares). I just bought the first book (I have to keep the cover covered because it scares me) so I’ll be paying close attention.

Falling Skies- I’m a true fan of this TNT series coming back in late June. It’s about an alien invasion, the resistance, and a family fighting to stay together in the midst of this horror. Pretty compelling.And its got ER alums Noah Wyle and Gloria Ruben.

Mistresses– this ABC series out now, has my attention, first because I loved the British show (such drama) and I love Ms. Alisa Milano so if you like soap operas and Sex and the City you will dig this show about diverse gal pals.

Extant – coming out in July on CBS. All I know is this: Steven Spielberg (who also is behind Falling Skies), Halle Berry, science fiction- I’m there.

The Partnership– FX in August. Kelsey Grammar and Martin Lawrence star- loved both their sitcoms so I have to check this out because their comedies were worlds apart, curious to see how it will mix.

Murder In the First– serial detective drama out early June on TNT. Taye Diggs. Nuff said

Dominion– July on SyFy. Their movies suck but darn does SyFy whip out some great series. Based on the movie no one saw but me, Legion. I’m very intrigued about the idea of angry, fighting angels and in a post-apocalyptic world.

My DVR is gonna burst.

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