Sample: The Mission

HI Good people, as I hope you know I have a book out called The Mission. If you are curious about the book and want a snippet here is a scene from the book (and possible future web series).

                                         Chapter Three
Rule #2: Go to friends for possible dates. Having a friend introduce you to someone they know can be a great and safe alternative.
Let me start by saying Sheila does not do set-ups of any kind. Don’t frame me. I don’t want to be your fall guy. I don’t want to be the butt of your joke. And I really, reallydon’t want to be hooked up with one of your friends you claim is a great catch,but who you really want to pair me up with just because of one of the following: he is male, he is also black, he is also an attorney, he too wants to get married, you want a couple friend to hang out with and/or he has a car. My answer to that is, boo, I’m not going. You gotta come better than that.
But alas, the darn rules say give it a shot,and this gal was single and sort of ready to mingle. So when Greg said he actually had someone for me, well, I said sure. I figure, birds of a feather flock together,so surely this guy would at least be cute and successful like Greg.
So here it was,Friday night,and I was getting gorgeous in my Bethesda, Maryland condo for my blind date with Kevin. We were going out to dinner and a movie. The usual first date activity. I played it casual but sexy in my tight,dark jeans with black sling-back heels and a black silk wrap blouse. My hair was in a low bun and long,dangling gold earrings accentuated my face. I applied shimmer-gold eye shadow, mascara, pressed powder, and M.A.C. red lip gloss expertly. I sprayed on my favorite floral perfume,and then examined myself in the mirror. Watch out, Kevin!
I continued my primping until I heard the doorbell  ring. I glanced over at my clock. Seven o’clock on the dot. If that was Kevin, I was liking him already.
I sauntered to the door and swung it open. A smile touched my face as I saw an ebony vision standingbefore me. This had to be Kevin. He was tall. About 6’3. Slender. Dark-brown eyes and short black hair. Clean-cut with a mahogany complexion. He wore a pair of jeans with a blue collared shirt that fit him right. A dark,fitted jacket hugged his upper body. He had to be no older than 30. And I … was… in … love.
“Hi, I’m Kevin, Greg’s friend,” he said,extending a hand.
I went to shake it. “I’m Sheila,” I whispered.
“Greg was right. You are beautiful,” he replied,and then turned my hand to kiss it lightly.
Well,all right. Greg so far would be getting my praises from now on.
“Shall we?” he asked, extending his elbow for me to hook on to.
I had my purse in hand, hooked my arm to his, and left.
This was going to be a wonderful night.
             * * *
Kevin took me to a movie. Some adventure/comedy. I spent half the time sneaking looks at him. I was in heaven sitting next to every woman’s dream, inhaling his masculine cologne.
He then took me to an Italian restaurant in Georgetown,where we talked about any and everything. I found out he was a computer engineer for the federal government and originally from New York. Had two siblings, parents were still together. Had his own house. Loved the Lord. Was world-traveled. I was practically salivating,and it was not for the delicious-looking food put in front of us. This man had it all. And I wanted it. I wondered if he would mind being called James for one evening.
“What’s your take on relationships and love?” I asked, twirling my fork around the angel hair pasta on my plate. I wanted to know everything about him, down to boxers or briefs.
Kevin took a sip of his wine and looked above my head. He was going to answer this like a true politician. I could wait.
“Well,” he began. He put a bite of food in his mouth and chewed. Damn, was my question that hard to answer? He finished chewing. “I think love is a good thing.”
It took him all that long just to say that? Oh, no, there had to be more. I continued to stare at him quietly.
He sensed that that answer would not suffice and then sighed. “I guess Greg didn’t tell you.”
I raised an eyebrow, getting nervous.

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