The Secret Entry 2

So after a car accident yesterday in which my NEW car is now in the shop.  I decided its time I start taking these teachings of the Secret seriously. The lessons clearly stated that I should not just let life happen to me but to instead have control over my day. Wake up with a positive mood, give thanks, plan/visualize your day.

I didn’t do that yesterday but I made sure before I went to sleep I didn’t dwell on the accident or think of yesterday as a negative day. I focused on the good of the day before I went to sleep (day off, got some reading in, cooked, worked out, got some errands done after I got my rental, napped, wrote a blog post and worked on my writing- basically I got an extra day to accomplish things). Right after the accident I was feeling myself getting stressed and tearful but I parked my beat down car, went in my house, made an appointment for the body shop and a rental and proceeded to read some of The Secret until my appointment. I must say my sadness and stress about the situation dissipated and has not returned. I feel like I can handle this and the fiance of it all won’t prevent me from doing what I want to do (I have some trips planned and I still feel positive that I will still be able to go).

This morning I visualized my day down to the smaller things: go to work with no accidents, not be annoyed by anything at work, go home and work on my writing, workout. Then from the time my feet hit the floor through washing up I gave thanks for all the things I’m blessed for.
How’d my day  go? No accident, in fact, got to work early. Not annoyed at work, day went pretty quickly. Working on my writing now as I wait for a friend to go workout!

Hmm, next up. Car shop told me I’d get my car back between Friday and Monday. But I’m thinking Thursday after work I’m getting my car back. If anyone ask that’s what I’m saying. That’s what I believe…

One comment

  1. Thank goodness you emerged unscathed from that accident! While It might be hard to completely clear your thoughts from that accident, it's good that you're actively avoiding on dwelling about it. It seems your new car is well on its way in terms of its repair, so unless you were injured, you can get back behind the wheel soon! I hope the car drives as if it's brand new, once you have it back. Good luck!

    Jaime Mcgee @ Michael's Auto Body of Castle Rock


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