The Secret to My (Hopeful) Success

So a wiser higher up gave me a list of books to read to help lead me to successful leadership. She told me I had to read the list of 10 books in the order she listed them (not sure why yet). The first being the ever popular The Secret. Of course I’d heard of this concept before but being cynical as usual I thought it was a bunch of crap. Positive thinking and you’ll just get what you want? Yeah right. Bad things happen because you allow it? Sounds cold to me.

But as I read the book, I can’t help but think, some of this stuff sounds good. And, hey, what can it hurt if I go all in and give it a try?

Halfway into the book I’ve learned these tips so far:

  • Think about what you do want , not what you don’t want (ex. I want to lose weight vs. I want to be a size six, the latter is best because it is more exact, the former will just keep you in the loop of wanting to lose weight)
  • Think of the things you are grateful for (focus on your health instead of not liking your shape)
  • Think as though you already have it and really have the feeling that comes with it
  • Ask for what you want and believe it will come (like ordering some shoes on line, you believe they will come, you don’t call the store every day to ask them is it coming)
  • Say Thank you every day as often as you can, start your day with it
  • Create your day don’t let your day create you, think in the morning how you want your day to go and if something negative happens, think of it in a different light before going to bed to “reset” your mind for the next day (in other words avoid starting a day with negative energy)
  • Visualize what you want ( a vision board helps)

So from time to time, I will post about my journey following the secret. For a “realist” like me, it’ll be tough  but I’m ready to give it a try.

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