My Secret Entry 3: Positive Thinking

The main challenge with my journey into the Secret is maintaining positive thinking. I’m not Oscar the Grouch all the time but I’m not skipping around seeing rainbow and butterflies (by the way, I hate butterflies, they scare me- see there I go again). 
The point is thinking lovely thoughts from morning to sleepy time is not an easy thing for me.
But I have devoted myself to putting my all into this for at least 30 days which is how long, I’ve read, it takes to make something a habit.
And let me tell you, this is work. I wake up and before I get out of bed I envision my day down to the small things like what I will eat. Then I go through my morning ritual while giving thanks as I do them (which is no easy task, sometimes, although in theory I am thankful, I don’t feel it in my bones as I side listen to some mass shooting in a state on TV). I also do self checks through out the day. How do I feel? Am I actually feeling content or happy? The part of the Secret that is the kicker is that you can’t just say or think positive, you have to feel it. 
Like how would you feel if you won the lottery? What does that physically feel like? You gotta actually feel that way all the time. Lemme tell ya, not an easy task. So no, I don’t actually go around 24/7 jumping for joy. I do it in spurts and the rest of the time I just try to make sure I feel content and avoid bad feelings as best I can.
I will say it helps. Yesterday when leaving work, I tried the “lotto feeling” as I call it. I was whistling from my office to the car, around the grocery store. I genuinely felt good. I came home. Ate some dinner. Was starting to feel lethargic but I needed to go workout. So I took myself out and still felt ugh (ok, so I had some Cheetos and I know that didn’t help). But I started jogging. I was shaky about whether I could do my 5k jog/walk I usually do after my poor eating choices but I still felt positive and I kept thinking “I got this”. Morale of the story, not only did I have it, I ran my fastest half mile and during the second half of the jog, felt energized, sang along (okay one sentence, I got tired) to my music and was SMILING as I jogged. 
Power of positive thinking.

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