My Secret Entry 4: Thinking in the Now

My next challenge is thinking in the now. I can easily say to myself I want to lose weight or I want to be a certain weight or size by a certain date. However according to the Secret, you have to think you have it all now or you’ll forever be in the realm of trying and wanting.

So I have to say, think and feel that I’m already at the weight I want to be or already have the great relationship I’ve been dreaming of. How do you do that without feeling silly or delusional? If your goal is to be married to a wonderful husband, how do you actively feel that way and tell yourself that you already have it and thank the Lord for it? If you see an outfit in a size 6 and you are a size 10 do you get the size 6 because that’s your goal size and the size you tell yourself you are? Seriously how does that work right?

So after reading the chapter on relationships (which I think was way too short and in need of more detail). I discovered that to get the relationship/marriage you desire, you don’t walk around like a crazy person talking about your imaginary Larry boyfriend. You have to be in a loving state of mind. Prepare your life to have room for love (so I guess my collection of stuffed animals on display wouldn’t fly if I was living with a guy so I suppose I shouldn’t keep them propped up- this is an example of course, I really don’t have a pile of stuffed animals I can’t part with…).

Do the things you love to do (and no, saying well I don’t love work so I won’t go, doesn’t work- find something you love about it, like, er, getting paid!).

Think of things and people that you love and of course make sure you love yoself.

And within all this love fest you will, ta-da, attract more love. Because, and it’s taking a moment to click with me, the Secret is all about The Law of Attraction. Everything you say/think/do will act like a magnet to attract more of it. If you call yourself a klutz, low and behold, you will keep being in situations where you trip and knock things over. If you believe you are a great singer then you will find that people around you will think (or at least tell) you are (this explains the people who end up on American Idol auditions sounding a hot mess, no one around them told them they sound like a dying cat).

So don’t just pretend, be it. Or in Yoda’s words “Do or do not, there is no try” or something like that. 

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