Secret Entry 5: I Got the Power?

I am so sad about what is happening with the news right now. The two Malaysian air flights, one shot down and one still missing. The Algerian plane crash, the war in Israel and the killing of all those innocent civilians, are the girls still missing in Nigeria?, the conflict in Syria. It’s too much and makes me feel so helpless. It really conflicts with the teachings of the Secret. I am torn with wanting to know about what’s going on and trying to help if I can and not wanting to hear such negative news to knock me off my positivity path.
One side issue I have with The Secret is that it fully believes that we allow negative things to happen to us. It does not believe that bad things happen to good people or “it is what it is” type of thing. It believes that if you don’t think out your day and plan for it to go a certain way in detail in your mind then you are opening up the universe to plan your day for you and allow anything to happen. This has met with a lot of criticism from people who were hurt or loss loved ones in mass attacks (9/11) or natural disasters (like Katrina). I struggle with that concept because I find it kind of cold.
However, every morning for the past couple of weeks after my car accident I do a mental picture of how I want my day to go from the time I get in my car to what I will be doing up until I go to bed. It works… But is it a definite? Can you really avoid bad things from happening. Sure you can take things that happen to you and make something positive out of it be it as a role model, lesson learned, new opportunity for something you wouldn’t have done otherwise. But outside of that, what do you do? I think of those girls who were locked in that basement for like ten years. They were teens/early twenties then I believe. I know The Secret is not saying they deserved what happened to them but the explanation for what happened to them can’t be, well they didn’t think out their day so they allowed any random thing to happen to them that the universe threw out them.
I understand the law of attraction but I wonder if we truly have the power to affect everything that comes our way. Yes we have free will but ultimately isn’t it all about what The Creator (however you choose to call him/her) decides? Can you truly believe you can control your life with such detail while at the same time believing that ultimately it’s in God’s proverbial hands? Or is it the belief that whatever you throw out into the universe that you want, even if it’s just to get a parking space, is therefore, the same that God wants for you? Is that too convenient a thought? Do we have the power?

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