My Final Secret

So I finally finished reading The Secret. Took me a little longer than it should have but I am reading another book at the same time so my attention was divided. Here are my thoughts on it. For the mot part the novel’s message was pretty good and I am well into the process of making my best attempts to give the logic a go. Towards the final two chapters they lost me a bit with the metaphysical energy, we-are-all-part-of-the-one talk. Too sciencey and new agey for my blood. But at it’s very base concept the message behind the secret is one I think you can’t go wrong following. I think our base nature is to go against the logic and shake our heads at people who try it. However, once you have read it and understood it, you might find yourself shaking your head at the people who don’t follow it. The message is clear: think, be, act positive. Do what makes you happy. Think happy thoughts, desire happiness. Stop fighting against and strive for.

It actually takes a little more work than I thought. We can easily slide down a path of negative thought but the secret asks that you be conscience of that and stop it. Be in the moment and be aware of your feelings. Not just mentally but physically because negative feelings can affect our bodies. Since reading this book I have become more aware of how my negative feelings affect me physically and try my best to get out of any funk I’m in. Sometimes its just focusing on things I love to do or even watching a quick episode of Golden Girls (which always makes me happy) or just writing down how I’m feeling. Recently I felt bad about something and I sent a couple of friends an email about how I was feeling. Even before I got their responses I was already on the road to feeling better. What I didn’t want to do, and what I have been prone to do, is obsess over things enough to keep me up at night. Very draining.

Every day is a work in progress for me but I see it working in small ways and I have absolute faith, to the point that I think some friends think I’m crazy, that the things that I want to come true will come true at the time I need them to. But in the meantime, the things I took from the secret to do are:

visualize my day each morning (I’m better at this during the weekday) down to my commute to and from work, being productive at work, planning social activities, exercising, what i’ll eat (I could do better at the last one)

keep checking in on how I’m feeling and avoid negative thought

keep in mind all of the things i am thankful for

make a list of all the things that bring me joy (big and small)

feel and act as if I already have/am the things that I desire

Is this easy? Well if I said no, that would be going against the logic of the secret but well… you decide.

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