Why Don’t You Let Me Know?

It’s that time of year where holiday parties abound. We get an email, a text, an evite, a hard invite. Do you respond? I recently heard on The Today Show that most people no longer rsvp.

Why have we stopped R.S.V.Ping?

As a cosmo girl who loves to throw a gathering, I am big on rsvping. I know how much effort goes into putting together a shindig, especially one that requires others to bring things. Or if I am cooking (or ordering up) food, I need to know how much to order. I need to know how much alcohol/wine to purchase. I basically need to know if anyone is coming

and if I should instead cancel! 3

And nothing makes a cosmo girl more annoyed than planning a party and people who were supposed to show don’t show or if more show up than you knew were coming. I’m not renting out a hall, space (and budget) is limited. I get we may not want to commit to something, but hey, what’s wrong with just updating a rsvp (at a reasonable time, after the fact doesn’t count)? If you don’t want to come, put “maybe” with an explanation so we know the likelihood of you showing up.

Because this bugs me to no end, I try my best to respond to all invites I get because I know how it feels. When you don’t rsvp, you show little regard for the person who took the time to think of you when they sent the invite. And the more formal the invite the more you should respond. A group text, not a big deal. A wedding paper invite, a cute evite- yes, respond! Even if it’s a no. And if it’s from a friend, coworker or family member- always respond. People like to feel as if they are considered. Especially amongst their own friends. And really, how much effort does a simple “yes, no, maybe so” take?

Do you still rsvp? Do you think it’s rude not to? Let me know your thoughts!

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