New Year…New-Better Me?

h06144AF4So I suppose I have to write the obligatory new years post. I won’t be talking about any resolutions. If I didn’t do them before, I’m not going to do them now simply because a new year came around. The pressure of trying to achieve goals simply because it’s a new year doesn’t really add up to me. We say we’ll do something to change who we are and don’t have a real game plan or don’t like the work we have to do to change and end up dropping the idea. Why do we need to change? Why can’t a new year just bring out the same you just better? The idea that there must be a new you each year in itself sets you up with the dark feeling that you aren’t enough and that you’ve wasted yet another year. I say, forget about new year’s resolutions and just always aim to just be more of the best of what you already are.

Therefore, the one thing I will aim to do for for every day, is be happy as often as I can and in every situation that I can.  Happiness will allow  me to reach my constant goal of being and living a fulfilling life. The process to be happy is simple in theory. Think and do things that make you happy. Traveling makes me happy- book some trips. Dancing makes me happy- dance more (which in turn might help me lose the weight I want to drop). Be around people that draw out the positive/happy in me. If that means reducing or removing yourself from people who cause you aggravation then, hey, do what you have to.

However, if you are unlucky and can’t escape a certain person that tries to invade your happiness, deal with them in a way that will result in you keeping your happiness. Don’t argue with them. Assume that their interactions with you are not coming from a malicious place. Do what you think will bring out positivity in them which will in turn make them less annoying to you.

Maybe it’s all new agey  but I firmly believe that if you focus on already being the great person that you are it’s a lot easier for you to reach goals. So no new years resolution for me. I’m just going to do more of what I’ve been doing that I loved and really make it a happy new year and a happy life!


  1. This reminds me of why I stopped New Years resolutions. I haven’t made any in at least four year now. But I decided to make some this year. I wasn’t going to and decided to do it as a result of a joke with a really good friend of mine. I have yet to post it on my blog though and this directly defeats one of my resolutions – end procrastination lol.
    But I do agree with you on the just decide to be a better you. That is definitely something doable and we should all at least strive to do it.


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