The Timer

I recently watched a movie called Timer about a world where you could get an implant that tells you the day you’ll meet your soul mate. And most people pretty much abided by it regarding when and who they married. In the movie, one sister’s timer was blank because whoever she was meant for did not have his timer implanted. The other sister’s timer said she’d meet her soul mate when she was 43 (the women were 30 and you get your timer at 14). I won’t go more into the movie in case you do want to see it (and it’s a cute little movie to see on a weekend afternoon on Netflix).

However it got me thinking the following:

How would you live your life if you knew the date you’d meet the person you’d marry?

If you weren’t meant to meet your soul mate for many years to come how would that change the way you live?

Would you even get something like the Timer?

Would you work harder at your marriage if you knew the person you were with was your soul mate?

How would you live your life if your timer was blank?

I think, as women at least, we spend a lot of time thinking about “the one”. We are kind of programmed to. The older we the less people care about us as individuals and more as being without if we aren’t married. Family members often ask me, after asking how I am, is “are you seeing anyone?”. Nothing else matters. Not work, not hobbies.  So no wonder we are filled with the stress of finding Mr. Right. So I wonder if the worry we sometimes feel about meeting our future Mr. would be resolved if we knew when? Then I wonder if my behavior in how I lived my life would change depending on the date? One message of the movie is to live in the now which is hard for a type A gal like me. I pretty much plan just about everything. I’d plan what I dreamed if I could . So the idea of having a set time when I’d met the man I’m to marry would work well. I’d focus on other things until that time arose.

But then that gets me to think on the big picture. People make a living telling men and women how to find the one. But is it about living your life in a certain way with hopes you’ll attract the one? Or should it be about living your life in a way that brings you the most fulfilment and meeting the one along the way? I would not want to drive myself crazy or into depression because I had a blank timer or late date.

I’ve made plans around what I expected my life to be at a certain age and things did not turn out the way I had planned but then again, I don’t run the show. All I can do is make sure I’m living the here and now the best way possible and to be open to the one whenever he comes. That’s kind of foreign to type A gal but I’ll give it a try!

One comment

  1. The key to life is to live in the moment…as the movie suggested. By knowing what tomorrow holds, we are free to enjoying Now, for we know that success is revealed in just living our daily lives. All we have is now. Good subject.


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