SATC Talk: Girl Code

I know this will come as a big surprise but I am a huge fan of Sex and the City. I will watch it all these years later and still find it totally relevant. So I wonder what a 30 something Carrie/Charlotte type o gal would say about some of her favorite episodes and how they applied to life 11 years after the series ended. So enter my series of posts called SATC Talk.

sex-and-the-city-season-1_71001357So watching the first season of SATC doesn’t get me the girlfriend vibe that the later seasons do but few fun series start with a bang and the first season still held many relatable messages and themes. One thing from the pilot episode I recall was the very ending when Samantha hooked up with the guy Charlotte had just finished having a very respectable date with (he wanted to hook up, she did not). I wasn’t clear if Samantha knew or not that he was Charlotte’s date but it got me thinking about girl codes. I have a few that I just assume all women know, let me know if you disagree or if I’m missing some.

1) Well the first SATC episode showed it- Don’t mess with my ex or even a guy I just randomly dated. Nothing feels right about that and I just see future awkwardness. This seems a no brainer but some women have levels of this. For instance if they get prior approval (guess they don’t mind asking the friend), if the relationship happened a certain amount of time ago, if the relationship wasn’t that serious. I’d just prefer the friend be wise enough to tell the difference and weigh the worth of asking. If its a guy I took to the junior prom as just a friend- go for it. If it’s a guy I seriously dated five years ago- don’t ask, you should know better. If its a guy I just broke up with (I’m looking at you alleged friend on Being Mary Jane) well I guess you don’t care about the friendship and are comfortable with the new name THOT.

2) We all get drinks- If a dude offers to buy you a drink and your friend is standing there, here’s to hoping he’s gentlemanly enough to offer your friend a drink as well. If he is not, make it happen. Become Oprah if you have to- you get a drink, you get a drink! What’s not cool: sipping on your syrup while your friend is looking dry mouthed and sad.

3) Don’t spill my tea! If I tell you a secret or something personal and ask you to keep it to yourself, in the voice from The Color Purple- “you bet not tell nobody but God”. I don’t believe in that boyfriend and husband don’t count crap. Sure they do. And if you operate under that logic, I won’t tell you so much as my shoe size.

4) Non compete clause- I don’t compete with my friends and I don’t like if I’m accused of it. Dems fighting words. You get the attention from the guys, what can I do about that? If I see you smoozing it up with a dude, I won’t block. We are all in this dating fight together and should be helping, not hurting.

5) Don’t tag me in pictures if I’m not looking cute- This is one for the current age. But ya’ll know what I mean. If we take a group photo and you come out looking like Halle Berry and I some how end up looking like Wanda from In Living Color, cut me out, don’t tag me on facebook or instagram. That is not a friend.

What are your girl codes?

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