Best Baltimore Roof Top Bars

It’s warm out and what better time to enjoy the outdoors than now! I am originally from Baltimore and wanted to do a short ode to my hometown by highlighting some of the best spots. Up now, best rooftop bars:

Four Seasons/Splash pool bar– very sexy sophisticated atmosphere,
From the site
From the site
Nicks Fish House– great views over looking the Potomac River, great seafood, casual fun spot, you can arrive by car or boat which is a cool option,
From the site
From the site
Woody’s Rum Bar– fun casual atmosphere in Fells Point above an Irish Bar (across from the old Homicide film building location), good drinks
From yelp reviewer
From yelp reviewer
The Olive Room– good food, nice atmosphere, Woody Harrelson is co-owner of this dinning establishment,
from yelp reviewer
from yelp reviewer

Am I missing anything from this list? Share! Up next, best bar patio spots


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