SATC Talk: Oh Come All Ye Faithful: What if he doesn’t give you the title?

So this wraps up my favorite episodes from season one with the season finale episode 12. I really struggled with this one. When it first came out, I wasn’t watching HBO or the series (still in school) but I did watch the rerun years later so I think I was much wiser by then (man, I hope).  In this episode we see the Big and Carrie relationship come to a head (one of many).

He introduces her to his mother as a friend and it makes her wonder if they are really in a relationship like she thought.

Ugh, been there and it is so whack.  While I’m not a huge dating guide fan (which is the premise of my novel The Mission), I have read a plenty. Some make me scoff out loud. But I read Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man Act Like a Lady and one thing stayed with me. A man must do the three Ps: Protect, Provide, Profess. I will focus on the Profess part. I’m no one’s secret, side chick or shame. If the guy I’m seeing can’t tell others that I am his girlfriend, woman, boo thang (I don’t care as long as its respectful and designates that I am The One) then I’m not with it. If you side step the talk about “are we in a relationship” then I am not here for that.

I despise the “I’m just having a good time with you” or “let’s not complicate matters with titles”. The older I get the crazier this sounds to me. And it really sounds crazy coming from a guy in his late 30s and up. Yes, I’m sure there are women out there who are fine with this and I’m comfortable not being one of them.

HOWEVER, what did make me squint my eyes at Carrie was the fact that she HAD to have this talk before their big romantic trip to Paris! Here is one thing I don’t like doing: forcing a guy to show you or tell you his feelings about you before he is ready. It never works. Tried and failed. You either won’t like what you hear (like Carrie) or what you hear may not be true but simply something he says to keep the peace. Perhaps on the trip Big would have come to the realization that she was his One and confessed at the top of the Effiel Tower! On his time.  And if not, she’d probably still have had an awesome time.

But she didn’t want to go on the trip without that knowledge. So there we end the season with her and her bags as she sends Big off on this romantic trip alone. While I applaud her for sticking to her guns, the travel junkie in me was like “girl, couldn’t you just hold tight and wait until after the trip?”. Sometimes having the title and having it at a time you think you should have gotten it is more important, I suppose.

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