SATC Talk: The Freak Show: When the Pickings Get Slim

So now we enter season two of the show and I must admit this season (along with season three) are my favorite seasons. This is episode three of the season and here we find the gals raising the age old question: Are all men freaks? Particularly men past their mid 30s. Essentially the women wonder if they are just getting the leftover troubled guys by their 30s.

(beware some cursing)

Women get the stigma that once we get in our 30s we are hardcore focused on getting married and birthing babies and are just desperate. However, men don’t get this stigma. The women all encounter guys that have a little something odd about them and Carrie becomes so paranoid about these guys that when she meets a nice dude she becomes the crazy one in her quest to find his crazy.

Here’s my theory. Once we hit our 30s and especially our mid 30s and have been single living on our own for a decade or so we become set in our ways and are less adaptable and willing to compromise. We develop quirks that no one really checked us on. That comes off as crazy. This is not a guy or gal thing. It’s a people thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some freak shows out there. But I don’t think it correlates to age. The crazies have always been crazy. It’s just highlighted more in our 30s because the pickings ARE getting slim so the crazies start becoming more apparent. Post 30 singles are not some left behinds or the potluck dish no one wants to eat. Have you seen some of these ratchet shows? There is someone for everyone no matter the age.

But…I have encountered some hillbilly foolishness whilst dating in my 30s. I don’t like to embarrass folk in case they actually read these posts so I won’t point any fingers. Ok, well I’ll give you a quick list: I’ve gone out with a guy who was obsessive compulsive about cleaning to the point of inspection of my pad, a guy who got angry with me because I responded to his morning text with “morning” instead of a “good morning” and thought I was mean for that, the painfully awkward silent dude, the angry “all black women are-“ dude, the overly picky dude ( his woman must have perfect hair, perfect feet, and so forth), the vegan (haha, they crazy to me, just kidding, not really), the smelly dude, the biter (not good), the slobber (don’t ask), the suspicious acting dude (like if I call 911 on you would I be getting a reward for your arrest?). Sigh the list goes on. And it gets even crazier if I tell you the guys my friends have dated (guy who greets her at the door totally naked for the first date, man who already is in a relationship…with another man).

Yeah it gets crazier once we hit a certain age but we can’t get wrapped up in the idea that we are surrounded by foolishness because I’m pretty sure more foolishness will come our way (law of attraction and all). So, despite all the trouble I choose to stay positive and weed through it all. But yeah, sometime you got to bat a freak out the way to get to the good.

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