Traveling Gal: Dublin- The Friendly Town

So a few weeks ago I coerced a few friends of mine to travel with me to Dublin and London. I say coerced because no one was feeling going to Dublin so I had to tack on London to get them to go. I’d been to London before (see Traveling While Black: London ) but I really enjoyed my time there so I didn’t mind a repeat visit.

Ok so Dublin, I always wanted to check it out because people said it was a beautiful country and l wanted a different experience.

Upon arriving we took a cab with a friendly driver who gave us an unofficial tour of the city and told us that our hotel wasn’t that centrally located (side note, our group of six was split in two and three pals were at the Conrad which was centrally located and they raved about it- side eyes). We stayed at the Gibson and although a lovely hotel, yes, it was a bit away. However, the tram was right across the street and only about an 8 minute ride from central downtown Dublin. The space was very modern and came with a free breakfast (well, the deal we got did). It also included a gym and a sauna. I got a chance to use the gym which was small but it got the job done (never found the sauna- why was it hidden?) 20150818_114108

Okay, on to the town. Noteables:

1)It’s pretty hip, loads of bars, yummy fish and chips (really can’t go wrong to me), went to one spot where the batter tasted like funnel cake which really worked. If you hang around St. Stephens, grafton, and oconnel st. you’ll find food and shopping. Honorable mention to the frugal shopping spot Pennys. 11914918_10153228999313883_8824841219979634009_n 20150818_142701

2)Plenty of touristy shops- namely Carroll Irish- it’s everywhere with every type of Irish tourist trinket you can think to buy

3)Did I mention food? I had no bad meals here. My pals and I partook in some yummy drinks and food at River bar. 20150818_180940

4)Beauty- Most of my pictures were just of the Irish Country side. We did an all day excursion to the Cliffs of Moher with11947571_10153228998743883_7722555721312360796_n some side stops to Barron and a lovely sweets shop. It was a bit cloudy and rainy that day but when our bus stopped so did the rain! Shout out to the tour guide who was simply awesome! Random shout out to Ireland for naming a rest stop area after Barak Obama. 10915254_10153228999413883_3145597510944409655_n 11941228_10153228998558883_1990734305041073317_n

5)Friendliness- There is a reason Ireland has three cities (including Dublin) as the friendliest cities in the world. The people just are so nice and trusting. I don’t know why but then again I don’t think the Irish Americans here are the same as over there so perhaps that’s just my misunderstanding (no shade). Although it is not the most diverse area, I didn’t feel unwelcome and people were very accommodating. No bad words for this town. IMG953847

6)Drinks- this is a drinking town (if you go out, you must stop by the Temple Bar area just to say you did). If you are a whiskey lover this is the place for you (my new favorite drink is now whiskey and ginger ale- tis tasty). And of course take a tour at Guinness and Jameson Whiskey!

All in all this is a town I would strongly recommend checking out. We were only there for three nights which I regret. At least four nights would do you good. And I’d love to check out Cork and Belfast and wherever they film Game of Thrones because in my mind I have to find my Jon Snow (he’ll be back for season six I tell ya).

Up next my London revisited review!


SATC Talk: Splat: What if your friends don’t like him?

Le Sigh, we now reach my final favorite episodes of the series. It’s been a long summer of reminiscing but it had to end. This final epiode in my Sex and the City Talk really captures what happens when friends and lovers don’t mix. When we fall for someone we rarely begin the new relationship with thoughts of approval from family and friends. It’s just you and your boo thang. But eventually you have to come out of your “honeycomb hideout” and greet the world. But what if those friends don’t mix well with your love? Well, it can be awkward

Nothing is worse than that feeling that those you care about don’t get along. Been there, done that. I’m a strong believer that if your friends don’t dig him, welp maybe they are on to something. This is mostly because my true blue tight like glue friends (not just the random associates) only want the best for me so I value what they have to say. Now I won’t front and say that I have instantly dumped a guy because my friends didn’t like him. However, the way a guy has treated my friends has been a major consideration towards the eventual dumping.

I mean, when we are so caught up in a guy we don’t see things in logical ways. And honestly love isn’t logical all the time so that’s expected. Sometimes it takes a friend to say, “girl I know you love him but he’s over there kicking babies, maybe he’s not such a good guy”.

And have you ever been the friend who has seen your bestie with a guy that you just don’t think is right for her? This scene is all too familiar to me.

Friendships can die because of a guy (or gal) for certain. And the feeling that you friend is with someone who is no good for her, causes her drama and just all around doesn’t mix well with the group can be a bad place to be in. What do you do? I always decide based on how close I am to the person. The newer you are the more diplomatic and neutral my response. But if you are my best good friend, I will state my feelings.

And then I drop it. Ultimately it’s the friend’s decision to stay or leave the relationship. If they want to gripe to you about the dummy you know she should dump, well just listen and keep your comments to yourself. If it’s especially distressing and she just wont do anything about it then decide if you want to stick around and watch the destruction or distance yourself. It’s not worth you staying up nights worrying about a friend who doesn’t care about her own well being. But sometimes the role of being a good friend is just to grin and bear it…and pray that your friend makes the right choices. And if they are good friends, no guy will come between you just like with these gals.


SATC Talk: The Ick Factor: Do We Really Want Fairytales?

Episode 14 of season six takes us on a journey with Carrie and the Russian. I was never a big fan of this character but I did appreciate how he wooed her. Yes woo. Courted. Romanced. Whatever you wanted to call it. It is so rare that we see this old school style of dating anymore. Elaborate first dates, roses… Heck, it’s hard for me to even find a situation where wearing a dress is appropriate. Somehow we got so used to just “hanging out” that we don’t court one another anymore. And when a guy does something almost “fairytale” like, we don’t know how to handle it as this clip shows.

In fact after The Russian bought her a dress to take her to the opera or something then asked her to dance to the sound of romantic violins, she didn’t take it so well.

After seeing this I wrongly assumed that Russians were this romantic (I can’t figure out why because nothing about my previous knowledge of their culture led me to the warm and fuzzies). Not that I have dated enough to make a leap to either direction.

But back to my point. We say we want romance but then there are some of us who might think a guy corny if he writes us poetry. Lemme tell ya something: I’m not one of those gals and neither are my friends. If you want to paint me a work of art, take me to a dimly lit romantic restaurant, plan a picnic, surprise me with a concert to my favorite artist, give flowers on a date (and not because you were trying to seek my forgiveness on something), take a walk holding hands along the water: I am here for it. I will not pass out or “gripe” to my friends about it (side note, if anyone of my friends complains about this stuff I will shut them down and end the conversation with a mean side eye and a “girl, bye”).

I likes romance. Just because our culture or generation is slowly draining it out of our systems doesn’t mean there aren’t some of us fighting to keep our hold on it. I don’t get “icked” out by romance. Truth is, with the right person the “corny” is just fine. But alas there are enough women that have spurned such overtures and have left some men to believe romance is not needed. Don’t believe the hype (yeah I brought that phrase back): romance is not dead. Let’s keep it going.

SATC Talk: A Woman’s Right to Shoes: Being Single Doesn’t Pay


The truth to episode 9 is just so real.  I didn’t quite understand until I saw it in syndication years later and many bucks spent. I have shelled out dough on friends bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, baby birthdays. Being married with kids ain’t cheap…for the friends! But I don’t mean to say that I didn’t want to be apart of my friend’s joys. I do. But as we get older, sometimes being the single friend can be a one sided deal as this clip shows.

Most of the time I don’t get birthday presents from my friends so there is no “equality” in the gift giving arena between my married/parent friends. I don’t get too huffy about it because I figure it’ll all come out in the wash when I get married and have kids….But what if I don’t? And never mind the many friends and acquaintances whose weddings I go to and give gifts to who I don’t ever hear from again. You can’t imagine how common it is for a friend to get married and then disappear from my life. As if there is some secret dimension they cross over to when they jump the broom.

However, money aside, the one thing that this episode high lights is that married and single folk have different lives and priorities. But who are we to judge each other? Carrie’s friend “shoe shamed” her because she chose to spend 400 dollars on shoes (ridiculous, yeah I’m judging) and in her married parent life spending such money would be silly unless you were rich. As a result she didn’t want to pay Carrie back for the shoes that were stolen at her house party. Well she offered to reimburse her at a lower price. She determined that Carrie was living an unimportant life because she was spending money on frivolous things like expensive shoes.  Yet, oddly enough when Carried said she was having an engagement to herself registered at the same place her 400 shoes were the friend was quick to buy the same shoes then for her.

Was it the principle? Are married friends only willing to care about single friends if its something that they can relate to as married people? I’m lucky enough to have a close married friend who doesn’t think that way but the fact that I only still remain friends with only one of the people I knew who got married speaks volumes to me. I’m willing to stay friend with all my married friends but the feeling isn’t always mutual. Do we outgrow our usefulness to have friends when we marry? I hope not because our girlfriends have a place in our lives as humans. Is that a female thing? Do males ditch their friends once they get hitched? Me thinks not.

Moral of the story, all of our lives are equally important and there is no need to shame another person for not walking the same journey you walk.