Traveling Gal: Dublin- The Friendly Town

So a few weeks ago I coerced a few friends of mine to travel with me to Dublin and London. I say coerced because no one was feeling going to Dublin so I had to tack on London to get them to go. I’d been to London before (see Traveling While Black: London ) but I really enjoyed my time there so I didn’t mind a repeat visit.

Ok so Dublin, I always wanted to check it out because people said it was a beautiful country and l wanted a different experience.

Upon arriving we took a cab with a friendly driver who gave us an unofficial tour of the city and told us that our hotel wasn’t that centrally located (side note, our group of six was split in two and three pals were at the Conrad which was centrally located and they raved about it- side eyes). We stayed at the Gibson and although a lovely hotel, yes, it was a bit away. However, the tram was right across the street and only about an 8 minute ride from central downtown Dublin. The space was very modern and came with a free breakfast (well, the deal we got did). It also included a gym and a sauna. I got a chance to use the gym which was small but it got the job done (never found the sauna- why was it hidden?) 20150818_114108

Okay, on to the town. Noteables:

1)It’s pretty hip, loads of bars, yummy fish and chips (really can’t go wrong to me), went to one spot where the batter tasted like funnel cake which really worked. If you hang around St. Stephens, grafton, and oconnel st. you’ll find food and shopping. Honorable mention to the frugal shopping spot Pennys. 11914918_10153228999313883_8824841219979634009_n 20150818_142701

2)Plenty of touristy shops- namely Carroll Irish- it’s everywhere with every type of Irish tourist trinket you can think to buy

3)Did I mention food? I had no bad meals here. My pals and I partook in some yummy drinks and food at River bar. 20150818_180940

4)Beauty- Most of my pictures were just of the Irish Country side. We did an all day excursion to the Cliffs of Moher with11947571_10153228998743883_7722555721312360796_n some side stops to Barron and a lovely sweets shop. It was a bit cloudy and rainy that day but when our bus stopped so did the rain! Shout out to the tour guide who was simply awesome! Random shout out to Ireland for naming a rest stop area after Barak Obama. 10915254_10153228999413883_3145597510944409655_n 11941228_10153228998558883_1990734305041073317_n

5)Friendliness- There is a reason Ireland has three cities (including Dublin) as the friendliest cities in the world. The people just are so nice and trusting. I don’t know why but then again I don’t think the Irish Americans here are the same as over there so perhaps that’s just my misunderstanding (no shade). Although it is not the most diverse area, I didn’t feel unwelcome and people were very accommodating. No bad words for this town. IMG953847

6)Drinks- this is a drinking town (if you go out, you must stop by the Temple Bar area just to say you did). If you are a whiskey lover this is the place for you (my new favorite drink is now whiskey and ginger ale- tis tasty). And of course take a tour at Guinness and Jameson Whiskey!

All in all this is a town I would strongly recommend checking out. We were only there for three nights which I regret. At least four nights would do you good. And I’d love to check out Cork and Belfast and wherever they film Game of Thrones because in my mind I have to find my Jon Snow (he’ll be back for season six I tell ya).

Up next my London revisited review!

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