Traveling Gal: London Revisited

So in my previous post I told you about my recent visit to the friendliest town in the world: Dublin. Now on to my revisit to what I’d like to call the coolest town in the world (ok, second to New York): London.

We got a little confused at the airport. We thought we had to go through customs but apparently Ireland to England is like flying domestic so no customs.

Once we figured that out we got a car (which I think is cheaper than taxi) to the hotel. Now with traffic a simple ride from the airport was like an hour.  We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton in Westminster which we thought was London but really is the other city of England. Its still pretty much mixed in with London but its not in the center of the action so we had to take the tube or taxi everywhere. It is walking distance to Big Ben, Thames River, Parliament and Westminster Abby and a short ride to Buckingham if you don’t want to walk there which you can. The closest nightlife area is Soho which was disappointing because I wanted to check out Camden and Shoreditch nightlife (next time I guess).

The hotel was trendy, had a nice restaurant/lounge and the concierge was friendly. 20150821_144600

The first day we checked out the famous Harrods department store. The place is huge and the architecture is awesome. Be prepared to drop some major coinage. I just went to the food floor and off to the bakery section which is every sweet toothed persons dream (and more affordable). The Harrods location is also near other shopping (got a cute dress at Zaras)

We were super pooped that first day but somehow we made it out to the soho area for night life. Soho was just okay in my book. Things close at 12 so be early. Just when we thought the night was a bust we found Jazz After Dark. The late Amy Winehouse use to perform and visit this place often (we were seated in her VIP section). Live music, good drinks and bar food. I’d come back for sure! PhotoGrid_1440207327014

The next day was mostly shopping and sightseeing. We saw the major sites- Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abby, Thames Bridge and Tower of London. But the highlight was the visit to Portabello market and road. If you are vintage, frugal or antique shopper this is the best place in the world. We didn’t even finish walking the whole area. I stocked up and am already dying to go back (ok, maybe I have a bit of a problem, but I’m not hurting anybody!) 11889618_1595153760747163_514892785145631957_n

That night we went to a roof top party in Brixton and it was just okay. Not sure that area is my cup o tea, a bit sketchy. We did mosey over to a place called Troy Bar which was more up my alley. The music was great and it was a chill atmosphere. Leaving the place to get to  a taxi was a bit rough (we got followed and cat called along the way and when we found a driver it was like finding Superman, we were ready to be rescued).

The final day started with a visit to Tate Britain which is a really cool museum (kudos to marking the art areas by decades). We also did a quick shopping trip to TK Maxx (same thing as TJ Maxx but with a Britain focus). I stocked up there again (don’t judge me). 11951340_1595434167385789_5234396757277458581_n

The highlight of the trip was high tea at The Delaunay. Me and my gals got all fancy and stuff drinking our tea, out little sandwiches or dishes and champagne. The place is snazzy (even the bathroom was grand). I’d come back for sure and want to do high tea now for my birthday! I had a great time in good ole merry England and although it wasn’t as fun as my time there when I studied, it was still worth a revisit!

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