Halloween Part Two

Ok so I am a big horror movie buff. If you are a novice to horror films this is the month to get your feet wet. So I’m sure I’ve done a post some time ago about my all time favorite horror films but I must say there have been a few recent ones that have resonated with me. Some so creepy that, while effective, I will never see them again because I like my sanity.

So now I shall share with you my top list of pretty awesome horror films of the last five years. If I’m missing some good ones please share. Quick note: I’m not big on gratuitous gore or gross out movies. I like an intriguing plot and don’t really require a bunch of special effects. Some of the movies I list are more independent and weren’t really in theaters. They were just good films I found on Netflix or cable!

  • The Babadook- This can be found on Netflix. Effectively creepy tale about loss and the boogie man essentially (if that can really go together). Great acting. (Side note, I was going to put an image of the movie here but it scared me again so bump that)
  • It Follows- Super simple yet effective cautionary tale (you’ll understand what I mean by “cautionary” if you watch). No monster in this one or ghost but still creepy and I won’t watch it again because it made me scared (but if there is a sequel I shall partake)
  • The Taking of Deborah Logan- Another good Netflix find. Documentary style that I’m starting to become annoyed with but this was well done and darn scary. Does Deborah have Alzheimer’s or is it something more sinister?
  • Mercy- Also on Netflix and like the above just adds to my now increasing feeling (along with The Visit) that senior citizens can make some scary beings (used to be pets and kids). This one is based on a Stephen King short story so you know it’s scary. Also had “Carl” from The Walking Dead in a less annoying role.
  • Insidious- This is a big budget one but it did really creep me out. And I watch it over and over. I just really liked it. In away it’s like an updated version of Poltergeist which I love to watch also.
  • The Conjuring – Scary big budget tale. If you like the them of haunted houses, along the line of Amityville Horror, then you’ll like this.
  • Evil Dead (remake)- This takes the foundation of the original but really goes darker. The original was more campy, this was pretty nightmarish.
  • Cabin in the Woods- Scary but also has that Joss Whedon touch where the characters are more introspective and the dialogue is fun. Kind of like Scream.
  • World War Z- Zombies, Brad Pitt, based on best selling book. All you need to know.
  • Grave Encounters- Apparently this independent film now has a cult following and I get it. What could happen when a paranormal investigation reality TV show crew visit an abandoned mental hospital? Nothing good (also documentary style, rolls eyes, but still good)
  • Absentia- This is truly an independent film (however, it won a lot of independent and horror film awards) but with a very original plot and although low on special effects, big on tense moments that made me clutch my pearls. Plot? People go missing in a nearby tunnel.  Not cool.

Well, if you like a good scare, hope these newer tales work for you and maybe become your favs like they have for me!

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